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Conference Calendar


The Crusades in France and Occitania – Roots, Impact, and Cultural Signification of the Crusading Movement in Medieval Texts

Sat, 10 Sep
People, Places and Possessions, 1350-1550
Sat, 3 Sep
Thu, 14 Jul to Sun, 17 Jul
Sun, 10 Jul to Fri, 15 Jul
Wed, 6 Jul to Sat, 9 Jul

Celts, Romans, Britons: Classical and Celtic Influence in Britain, 55 BC - 2016 AD

Sat, 2 Jul
Fri, 24 Jun to Sat, 25 Jun
Fri, 24 Jun to Sat, 25 Jun
Sun, 29 May to Tue, 31 May
Thu, 5 May to Sat, 7 May
Thu, 28 Apr
Fri, 8 Apr to Sat, 9 Apr
Wed, 30 Mar to Fri, 1 Apr
Sat, 12 Mar
Fri, 11 Mar to Sat, 12 Mar
Fri, 15 Jan to Sun, 17 Jan
Fri, 8 Jan to Sat, 9 Jan
Thu, 3 Dec

The Influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages

Thu, 10 Sep to Sat, 12 Sep

Telling Tales: Manuscripts Books and the Making of Narrative

Thu, 2 Jul to Sun, 5 Jul