Medium Ævum, which first appeared in 1932, is one of the leading international academic periodicals in medieval studies. It is published twice yearly. Its present editors are Professors Nigel F. Palmer, Sylvia Huot and Corinne Saunders.

Issue 1 of Volume 87 is now published. It includes the following articles:

A. S. G. Edwards and Daniel Davies
A new manuscript of Knyghthode and Bataile
Andrew Dunning
Les Roys de Engeltere: an illustrated genealogy for King Edward I
Leah Schwebel
The pagan suicides: Augustine and Inferno 13
Margaret Connolly
Unrecorded copies of Middle English verse and prose in Dublin, Trinity College, MS 35
Michael C. Seymour
Chaucer’s Rose
Michael Van Dussen
Richard Rolle’s Latin Psalter in Central European manuscripts
Olivia Robinson
In the forest of long waiting: Charles d’Orléans and the Querelle de la Belle Dame sans mercy
P. J. C. Field
Searching for Camelot
Pere Bescós Prat
Ut biberent, quando esse nolent: Machiavelli and Leonardo Bruni on the praenomen of the Roman consul Publius Claudius Pulcher
†John Burrow
‘Pronomination’ in the poetry of Chaucer , Gower , and Skelton
ISSN: 0025-8385 (print) ; 2398-1423 (online)
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