MEDIUM ÆVUM MONOGRAPHS is one of the Society's core activities: we have been publishing monographs since 1936. Now, as then, we look to publish scholarly work of the highest calibre that may not be attractive to commercial publishers. We publish monographs, editions (accompanied by, if desirable, translations), and collections of essays. We also produce a very limited number of festschriften.For information on submitting a proposal, click 'For Prospective Authors' at the top of the main page.We normally do not require a subvention, but do seek to keep prices accessible, offering a 50% reduction to members of the Society.
The monographs sub-committee is currently constituted by:
Kenneth Clarke (Italian, English)
Anthony Lappin (Romance Languages, Latin)
Nigel Palmer (Germanic Languages, Latin)
Paul Russell (Celtic Languages, Greek)
Corinne Saunders (English)