The Medieval Library

The Society's second one-day conference took place in the historic surroundings of Durham's Castle on 6th November 2010. The event was hosted by the Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Durham and the local organisers were Prof.s Corinne Saunders and Richard Gameson.

The speakers were: Dr Neil Cartlidge (Durham), Dr Peter Clarke (Southampton), Prof. Richard Gameson (Durham), Prof. Henrike Laehnemann (Newcastle), Dr Matthew Nicholls (Reading), Dr James Willoughby (Oxford) and Dr Hanno Wijsman (Paris & Leiden). There were also displays of manuscripts in the Cathedral Library and University Library, the latter arranged with the kind assistance of Dr Ian Doyle.

The Society was pleased to be able to provide bursaries to assist graduate attendance.

Some materials from the day are also available for download. Additional comments on the day's proceedings can be found on the Bonae Litterae blogsite.