Medium Ævum 2015 Day Conference

Dominus Episcopus
Medieval Bishops in Their Dioceses

3rd December 2015, Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden


This day-conference will encourage a discussion over the role of the bishop during the middle ages, engaging medievalists from different periods and geographical locations in dialogue with each other, as the various functions of a medieval bishop ‘on the ground’, rather than in theory, will be examined in their different aspect with relation to a particular place and time.
We shall discuss bishops and/as canonists, bishops and pastoral obligations, bishops and monasteries for the early medieval period; for the central middle ages, bishops and/in the crusades, and papal legates, and bad behaviour; and for the end of the middle ages, bishops and/in the court, and/in armies and, finally, the last three bishops of Uppsala.

  We are pleased to note that we have, as speakers, one Angle, one Celt, one Celtiberian, one Dane, three (!) Finns, one Geat (Western), one Jute, and one from the lands of the Rus.

News: October

The Society is pleased to announce that it will award up to ten travel and accommodation bursaries for graduate students, based in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, who wish to attend the conference.  If you wish to apply, please email the Executive Officer, together with a CV, your likely travel requirements, and a brief statement on your reasons for wishing to attend, as soon as possible and before Monday 26th October.


Conference Programme

1. Early Medieval:
09.30:  Martin J. Ryan (University of Manchester), ‘Bishops and/as Canonists’

10.00:  Inka Moilanen (Stockholm University), ‘Bishops and Pastoral Obligations’

10.30:  Anthony John Lappin (National University of Ireland,Maynooth), ‘Bishops and/in

11.00 Fika. [coffee and pastries]

2. Central Middle Ages:
11.30:  Kurt Villads Jensen (Stockholm University), ‘Bishops and/in the Crusades’

12.00:  Emil Lauge Christensen (Aalborg University), ‘Bishops and Papal Legates’

12.30:  Kirsi Salonen (University of Turku), ‘Bishops and Bad Behaviour’

13.00 Lunch.

3. Late Medieval:
14.30:  Rosa Vidal Doval (Queen Mary University, London), ‘Bishops and/in the Court’

15.00:  Reima Välimäki (University of Turku), 'Bishops and the Inquisition'

15.30:  Martin Skoog (Stockholm University), ‘Bishops and /in Armies’

16.00 Kaffe.

16.30:  Elena Balzamo (Sorbonne), ‘Uppsala and its Three Bishops’

17.00 Heated round-table discussion, hostage-taking, concluding remarks.