NS39: Ovid in the Vernacular
NS38: Summa contra hereticos ad Petrum Martyrem attributa
NS37: Hellish Imaginations from Augustine to Dante: An Essay in Metaphor and Materiality
NS36: Jeun de Meun's Translation of the Letters of Abelard and Heloise
NS35: Remorse and Entreaty: An Edition of some Vernacular Confessional Prayers in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts
NS34: L'Entrée d'Espagne: Context and Authorship at the Origins of the Italian Chivalric Epic
NS33: From Old English to Old Norse: A Study of Old English Texts Translated into Old Norse with an Edition of the English and Norse Versions of Ælfric’s De Falsis Diis
NS32: Contextualizing Miracles in the Christian West, 1100-1500: New Historical Approaches
NS31: Misera Hispania: Jews and Conversos in Alonso de Espina’s Fortalitium fidei
NS30: Humanism in Fifteenth-Century Europe
NS29: How to Correct the Sacra Scriptura? Textual Criticism of the Bible between the Twelfth and Fifteenth Century
NS28: Estoire de l’Evangile (Dublin: Christ Church Cathedral, MS. C6.1.1)
NS27: The Anglo-Norman Amys e Amilioun: the Text of Karlsruhe MS. 345 (Durlac 38)
NS26: Three Anglo-Norman Treatises on Falconry
NS25: Studies in the Metre of Alliterative Verse
NS24: Estoria delos Godos: Critical Edition and Introduction
NS23: A Sporting Lexicon of the Fifteenth Century: The J.B. Treatise (2nd edn)
NS22: Caxton's Morte Darthur: The Printing Process and the Authenticity of the Text
NS21: Three Receptaria from Medieval England: The Languages of Medicine in the Fourteenth Century
NS20: Studies in the Reception of the Historia Scholastica of Peter Comestor
NS18: The Later Versions of Sir Degarre: A Study in Textual Degeneration
NS17: De Quatuordecim Partibus Beatitudinis (The Fourteent Parts of Blessedness)
NS16: Two Late Medieval Love Treatises: Heloise's Art d'Amour and a Collection of Demandes d'Amour
NS15: Studies in Ragnars Saga Loðbrókar and its Major Scandinavian Analogues
NS14: The Poet's Art: Literary Theory in Castile c. 1400-60
NS13: From Legend to Chronicle: The Treatment of Epic Material in Alphonsine Historiography
NS12: A Descriptive Guide to the Manuscripts of the Prick of Conscience
NS11: Nine Verse Sermons by Nicholas Bozon
NS10: The Tragedy of Knighthood: Origins of the Tannhäuser Legend
NS9: Ditié de Jehanne d'Arc : Christine de Pisan
NS8: Chaucer and Boccaccio
NS7: Le Voyatge D'Oultremer en Jherusalem de Nompar, Seigneur de Caumont
NS6: La Bataille Loquifer
NS5: The Lyrics of the Red Book of Ossory
NS4: Fragments of an Early Fourteenth Century Guy of Warwick
NS3: Liturgy and Drama in the Anglo-Norman Adam
NS2: A Descriptive Index of the English Lyrics of John of Grimestone's Preaching Book
NS1: The Medieval Anadyomene: A Study in Chaucer's Mythography


OS8: More Poèmes de Transition: Notes on the Rondeaux of a Taylorian Manuscript
OS6: Gothic Studies
OS5: The Digressions in Beowulf
OS4: Humanism in England during the Fifteenth Century (4th edition)


HS: Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies on Spain and Portugal in Honour of P. E. Russell
HS: On Light
HS: Si sai encor moult bon estoire, chancon moult bone et anciene: Studies in the Text and Context of Old French Narrative in Honour of Joseph J. Duggan

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