Proposals for Publication
Prospective authors should submit the following material, using the online form accessible below:
* a CV
* a proposal of around 500 words outlining the scope of the proposed volume, its place within current scholarship, and its potential readership
* a draft of the introduction, and of one or two sample chapters (if a chapter is long, a single chapter will suffice)
* any other relevant material in support of your application 

Process of Review and Project Completion
* the monographs committee will review your materials and, if deemed potentially suitable for publication, will submit them to an external peer-reviewer for further assessment.
* depending upon a favourable report from an external peer-reviewer, a contract will then normally be issued between the author and the Society, and the Society will assign its own Responsible Editor to oversee the project's completion by the author.
* before an agreed deadline as set out in the contract, the author will then submit a complete draft of the work for a second external peer-review; subject to a satisfactory report and completion of any emendations suggested by the peer reviewer, the work will then finally be reviewed one of the editorial committee and, if necessary, further changes requested.
* the ultimate decision to publish rests with the Society's trustees.

Please note that:
* we do expect authors to work from the outset of any undertaking using the approved MÆM style guides (based upon MHRA style: see, document templates and software (generally Microsoft Word, and for Editions Classical Text Editor, which MÆM authors may purchase at considerable discount).
* we also expect authors to build any necessary indices as they develop the monograph, rather than at the end, using tools allowing for auto-updating of page references which are built into software such as Word and CTE. 
* we will not consider a proposal which is also under consideration with another publisher.
* we require any monograph that we agree to publish (subject to successful completion) to be ready for final approval and publication no later than four years from the original agreement.
* whilst the Society acknowledges the importance of Festschriften, it is unable to consider proposals for such volumes.

To submit your proposal, click here