Since 1932, the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature has existed to advance education by the encouragement and dissemination to the scholarly community and wider public of research on medieval languages and literature.

The Society does this primarily through

its publications, the leading international journal, Medium Ævum, and its Monograph Series.

its sponsorship of research bursaries, conferences, and the annual Medium Ævum Essay Prize.

The Society is a registered charity (reg. no.: 1130022). It is governed by its constitution and run by its Executive Committee.

The Board of Trustees currently comprises:
Officers to the Committee (non-Trustees): Mrs Jackie Pritchard (Medium Ævum Assistant Editor), Dr Stephen Pink (Executive Officer).
Dr Pauline Souleau (Executive & Medium Ævum Monographs Editorial Assistant). Ms Hannah Piercey (Medium Ævum Editorial Assistant).

The Society has adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy which, in the interests of transparency, is also downloadable.
Paris: Old Testament Miniature (1420s); the Tower of Babel. Courtesy of The Morgan Picture Bible.