Each year, besides its own events, the Society generally sponsors over a dozen external conferences on medieval topics, both in the UK and beyond. The Society is particularly interested in providing sponsorship which facilitates wide conference access and participation for unwaged graduate and early-career medievalists.

Please note that, except in exceptional circumstances:

* Conference grant applications should be made at least three months ahead of the planned conference date

* Grants awarded are paid following the conference, on production of accounts and a brief report

* Grants are made for the uses laid out in the application only, and cannot be transferred to other uses

* The Society cannot support:

                   honoraria paid to tenured academics (such as keynote speakers);

                   closed or invitation-only events (e.g. those limited to members of the host institution);

                   catering, receptions and dinners

                   general funding requests which do not specify uses (esp. help for graduate and early-career medievalists)

* The conference grant system is not intended for use by individuals seeking personal funding to attend conferences. Apply here for Research Bursaries (which do not cover conference attendance).

* Applications can only be made using the online application system. We cannot accept applications in any other form.

The application is not received by us, unless you see a message, after you press 'submit', acknowledging receipt. We strongly advise that you save a copy of the information you give us in a word document, in case of any issues with submission.

Applications for funding over £500 are considered thrice yearly, at the meetings of the Society's Trustees' Committee. The next deadline for large conference grants is given in the sidebar. We will generally respond to funding applications within three weeks of the relevant Trustees' meeting.

Applications for conference funding up to £500 are considered all year round. We will generally respond to funding applications within three weeks of receipt.

To apply for funding, you generally need to be a Society member, although we will consider exceptional cases (if the latter, please contact us directly at ssmll@history.ox.ac.uk). If you are a Society member but are not seeing the application form below, to rectify please also contact us at the same address.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 12:00am

Detail from Quentin Massys, The Moneychanger and His Wife, 1514 (Paris, Louvre).