Medium Ævum, which first appeared in 1932, is one of the leading international academic periodicals in medieval studies. It is published twice yearly. Its present editors are Professors Nigel F. Palmer, Sylvia Huot and Corinne Saunders.
Out now: MAE 90/1
The latest issue includes the following articles:
Caroline Batten

Hand over head: a possible reference to the Old English metrical psalms in the ‘Journey Charm’

Leonard Neidorf Grendel’s blood: on the translation of Beowulf line 849
Rafael J. Pascual

Hrothgar’s warhorse and the audience of Beowulf

Joan Duran-Porta The Grail as a ‘converted’ object: literary fiction and historical archetypes
Aisling Byrne Guy of Warwick in Iberia: England, Portugal and the background to Tirant lo Blanch
Siegfried Wenzel

The three enemies of man: an unlisted sermon in Middle English

Julia Mattison Universalizing doublets in Middle English verse: Chaucer and romance
Arvind Thomas

Rechelesnesse’s learned ignorance or how to make a law from a rule in Piers Plowman


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