Medium Ævum, which first appeared in 1932, is one of the leading international academic periodicals in medieval studies. It is published twice yearly. Its present editors are Professors Nigel F. Palmer, Sylvia Huot and Corinne Saunders.

The latest issue (MÆ 88.1) includes the following articles:

Angus J. Kennedy

Christine de Pizan, Orléans, and Burgundy

Cosima Gillhammer

The Holy Cross legend: a unique version in Oxford, Trinity College, MS 29

Giulia Boitani

A note on liturgical and mystical quotations in Flamenca

Jennifer Neville

A modest proposal: titles for the Exeter Book Riddles

Leonard Neidorf

Caesar’s wine and the dating of Widsith

Lieke Smits

Wounding, sealing, and kissing: bridal imagery and the image of Christ

Margherita Lecco

Rinaldo e la coppa incantata: Il motivo del Testing Cup da Robert Biket all’Orlando Furioso

Michael J. Warren

A new Latin analogue to the cuckoo-motif in The Seafarer and The Husband’s Message

Roger Ellis

The Northern Homily Cycle: a work in progress

ISSN: 0025-8385 (print) ; 2398-1423 (online)