Medium Ævum, which first appeared in 1932, is one of the leading international academic periodicals in medieval studies. It is published twice yearly. Its present editors are Professors Nigel F. Palmer, Sylvia Huot and Corinne Saunders.

Out Now: MAE 89/2 (2020).
The latest issue features the following articles:
Julia Aguilar Miquel, La primera tradición indirecta de las Sententiae de Tajón de Zaragoza (s. VII): un acercamiento a su difusión en época carolingia
Daniel Anlezark, Aldhelm, Daniel and Azarias
Maria Teresa Rachetta, Paris 1244: the Jews, the Christians, and the Tartars: the Livre of Moses ben Abraham, a little-known case of Jewish apologetics in Medieval French
Stephen H. A. Shepherd and Courtney Harshbarger, Text–image alignment in MS Douce 104 (Piers Plowman): ‘articulation’, pre-drawing, and proximal allusion
Patrizia Serra, New hypotheses on Guillaume d’Angleterre
Elizabeth Eva Leach, Ripping romance to ribbons: the French of a German knight in the Tournament at Chauvency
Leonard Neidorf, Hygelac and his daughter: rereading Beowulf lines 2985–98
Marijane Osborn, Princess Freawaru and Hamlet's other uncle …
Keagan Brewer and James H. Kane, Ricardus explicit: an elusive marginal note on the earliest manuscript of the Libellus de expugnatione Terrae Sanctae per Saladinum
Sebastian Sobecki, A new life record for John Gower, 1396


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