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Jennifer A. Lorden

Revisiting the legendary history of Deor

90.2 (2021), 197-
Mark Faulkner

The Old English Bede: a new source for the F-version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

90.2 (2021), 217-
David Scott-Macnab How the hunter shal blow: an unpublished Middle English treatise on horn-blowing 90.2 (2021), 230-
Alasdair A. MacDonald Robert Henryson’s Annunciation lyric? 90.2 (2021), 239-
Rachel M. Koopmans Benedict of Peterborough’s compositions for Thomas Becket: Passion, miracles, Office 90.2 (2021), 247-
Stefano Milonia The castaway and the soothsayer: traces of the Old Testament in the prehistory of the Tristan en prose 90.2 (2021), 275-
Henry T. Drummond Sonic cursing and enjambement: sounding blasphemy in two songs of the Cantigas de Santa Maria 90.2 (2021), 300-
Jeffrey Hamburger Peter Kidd, The McCarthy Collection, vol. III: French Miniatures (Jeffrey F. Hamburger) 90.2 (2021), 334-
Henry T. Drummond 90.2 (2021), 335-
Jeffrey Hamburger Robert Couzin. Right and Left in Early Christian and Medieval Art 90.2 (2021), 337-
Rose A. Sawyer Karl Steel, How Not to Make a Human: Pets, Feral Children, Worms, Sky Burial, Oysters 90.2 (2021), 338-
Sylvia Huot Ian P. Wei, Thinking about Animals in Thirteenth-Century Paris: Theologians on the Boundary between Humans and Animals 90.2 (2021), 339-
Jeffrey Hamburger Bettina Bildhauer, Medieval Things: Agency, Materiality, and Narratives of Objects in Medieval German Literature and Beyond 90.2 (2021), 341-
Peter Chekin Joanna Tucker, Reading and Shaping Medieval Cartularies: Multi-Scribe Manuscripts and their Patterns of Growth 90.2 (2021), 342-
Richard North Michael D. J. Bintley, Settlements and Strongholds in Early Medieval England: Texts, Landscapes, and Material Culture 90.2 (2021), 343-
Simon Meecham-Jones Robin Chapman Stacey, Law and the Imagination in Medieval Wales 90.2 (2021), 345-
Tom Birkett Megan E. Hartman, Poetic Style and Innovation in Old English, Old Norse, and Old Saxon 90.2 (2021), 346-
Margaret Jane Toswell 90.2 (2021), 348-
Kathryn Maude Aaron J. Kleist, The Chronology and Canon of Ælfric of Eynsham 90.2 (2021), 349-
Mary Bateman Christopher Michael Berard, Arthurianism in Early Plantagenet England: From Henry II to Edward I 90.2 (2021), 350-
Alastair Minnis John M. Bowers, Tolkien's Lost Chaucer 90.2 (2021), 352-
Gillian Adler Frederick M. Biggs, Chaucer’s Decameron and the Origin of the Canterbury Tales 90.2 (2021), 353-
RUTH EVANS Lucy M. Allen-Goss, Female Desire in Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women and Middle English Romance 90.2 (2021), 355-
Elon Lang Sebastian Langdell, Thomas Hoccleve: Religious Reform, Transnational Poetics, and the Invention of Chaucer 90.2 (2021), 356-
LAURA VARNAM Diana Denissen, Middle English Devotional Compilations: Composing Imaginative Variations in Late Medieval England 90.2 (2021), 358-
Victoria Flood Lydia Zeldenrust, The Melusine Romance in Medieval Europe: Translations, Circulation, and Material Contexts 90.2 (2021), 359-
Cat Watts Janice Pinder, The Abbaye du Saint Esprit: Spiritual Instruction for Laywomen, 1250-1500 90.2 (2021), 360-
Nicolò Morelli Manuele Gragnolati and Francesca Southerden, Possibilities of Lyric: Reading Petrarch in Dialogue 90.2 (2021), 362-
Stefano Milonia George Corbett, Dante’s Christian Ethics: Purgatory and its Moral Context 90.2 (2021), 363-
Nicola Clarke

Geraldine Hazbun, Narratives of the Islamic Conquest from Medieval Spain

90.2 (2021), 364-
Christopher Crocker

Sofia Lodén, French Romance, Medieval Sweden and the Europeanisation of Culture

90.2 (2021), 366-
Nicholas W. Bleisch

Robert de Reims, Songs and Motets, ed., trans.,, and introd. Eglal Doss-Quiny, Gaël Saint-Cricq,, and Samuel N. Rosenberg

90.2 (2021), 367-368
Elizabeth Eva Leach

Le Chansonnier français U, ed. Madeleine Tyssens, volume II

90.2 (2021), 368-
David Murray

Keith Busby, The French Works of Joffroi de Waterford: A Critical Edition

90.2 (2021), 368-369
Benjamin Obernolte

Les Quinze joies de mariage, ed. Jean Rychner and trans. Jean-Claude Mühlethaler

90.2 (2021), 369-
Sylvia Huot

Pierre Gringore, Œuvres moralisatrices I (1499–1510), ed. Cynthia J. Brown

90.2 (2021), 369-370
Nigel Palmer

Op weg naar de hemelse Bruidigom. Twaalf heiligenlevens uit een Amersfoorts kloosterhandschrift (Brussel, Koninklijke Bibliotheek Albert I, 19408-9), ed. and trans. Hildo van Es and Ludo Jongen

90.2 (2021), 370-
Daniela Mairhofer and Agata Mazurek, Der ‘Oxforder Boethius’. Studie und lateinisch-deutsche Edition 90.2 (2021), 371-
Shorter Notices
Matthew Siôn Lampitt

Quel Moyen Âge ? La recherche en question, Histoires des Bretagnes 6, ed. Hélène Bouget and Magali Coumert, with the collaboration of Malo Adeux and Manon Metzger

90.2 (2021), 372-372

New Medieval Literatures 20, ed. Kellie Robertson, Wendy Scase, Laura Ashe, and Philip Knox

90.2 (2021), 372-373

A Catalogue of Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in Glasgow Libraries and Museums, ed. Jack Baldwin

90.2 (2021), 373-373

Mediaeval Inscriptions: The Epigraphy of the City of Oxford, ed. Jerome Bertram

90.2 (2021), 373-374

Philosophie et fiction de l’Antiquité tardive a la Renaissance, ed. Fabienne Pomel and Sophie Van der Meeren

90.2 (2021), 374-374

Medieval Futurity: Essays for the Future of a Queer Medieval Studies, ed. Will Rogers and Christopher Michael Roman

90.2 (2021), 374-375

Kathryn L. Smithies, Introducing the Medieval Ass

90.2 (2021), 375-375

Women Intellectuals and Leaders in the Middle Ages, ed. Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis, and John Van Engen

90.2 (2021), 375-376

Relations of Power: Women’s Networks in the Middle Ages, ed. Emma O. Bérat, Rebecca Hardie, and Irina Dumitrescu

90.2 (2021), 376-376

Jean-Loup Lemaitre, Autour des livres, du nécrologe au martyrologe, ed. Patrick Henriet

90.2 (2021), 376-377

Sense and Feeling in Daily Living in the Early Medieval English World, ed. Maren Clegg Hyer and Gale R. Owen-Crocker

90.2 (2021), 377-377

Chaucer and Italian Culture, ed. Helen Fulton

90.2 (2021), 377-378

Engaging with Chaucer: Practice, Authority, Reading, ed.  C. W. R. D. Moseley

90.2 (2021), 378-378

Studies in the Age of Gower: A Festschrift in Honour of R. F. Yeager, ed. Susannah Mary Chewning

90.2 (2021), 378-379

Catherine M. Jones and William W. Kibler, Huon de Bordeaux: First Modern English Translation

90.2 (2021), 379-379

The Roman de la Rose and Thirteenth-Century Thought, ed. Jonathan Morton and Marco Nievergelt with John Marenbon

90.2 (2021), 379-379
Sylvia Huot

A Flea the Size of Paris: The Old French Fatrasies & Fatras, trans. Ted Byrne and Donato Mancini

90.2 (2021), 380-381

The Decameron Fourth Day in Perspective. Volume Four of the Lectura Boccaccii, ed. Michael Sherberg

90.2 (2021), 381-381
Nigel Palmer

The Arthur of the Low Countries: The Arthurian Legend in Dutch and Flemish Literature, ed. Bart Besamusca and Frank Brandsma

90.2 (2021), 381-382

The Life of Christina of Hane. Translation, Introduction and Annotation by Racha Kirakosian

90.2 (2021), 382-383

Beten. Gesprach mit Gott. Winterausstellung 8. Dezember 2020 bis 7. Marz 2021, ed. Cornel Dora

90.2 (2021), 383-384


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