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STEPHEN H. A. SHEPHERD, ‘Heathenic’ catechesis and the source of Awntyrs B 1-[no p.]
CHARLES RUSSELL STONE, ‘Many man he shal do woo’: portents and the end of an empire in Kyng Alisaunder 18-[no p.]
MEGAN LEITCH, Thinking twice about treason in Caxton’s prose romances: proper chivalric conduct and the English printing press 41-[no p.]
ALISON WILLIAMS, Stories within stories: writing history in Fouke le Fitz Waryn 70-[no p.]
GEOFF RECTOR, En sa chambre sovent le lit: literary leisure and the chamber sociabilities of early Anglo-French literature (c.1100-1150) 88-[no p.]
JAMES WILLOUGHBY, A Templar chronicle of the Third Crusade: origin and transmission 126-[no p.]
A. S. G. EDWARDS, Chaucer and ‘Adam Scriveyn’ 135-[no p.]
A. B. KRAEBEL, The use of Richard Rolle’s Latin Psalter in Richard Ullerston’s Expositio canticorum Scripturae 139-[no p.]
Elizabeth L’Estrange, Holy Motherhood: Gender, Dynasty and Visual Culture in the Later Middle Ages (Bronach Kane) 145-[no p.]
Alan M. Kent, The Theatre of Cornwall: Space, Place, Performance (Brian Murdoch) 146-[no p.]
Max Harris, Sacred Folly: A New History of the Feast of Fools (JEAN DUNBABIN) 148-[no p.]
Katharine Breen, Imagining an English Reading Public, 1150–1400 (MICHAEL JOHNSTON) 150-[no p.]
Fidel Fajardo-Acosta, Courtly Seductions, Modern Subjectivities: Troubadour Literature and the Medieval Construction of the Modern World (WILLIAM BURGWINKLE) 152-[no p.]
Jacques Chocheyras, Réalité et imaginaire dans le ‘Tristan’ de Béroul  (Marilyn Lawrence) 153-[no p.]
Insaf Machta, Poétique de la ruse dans les récits tristaniens français du XIIe siècle (Marilyn Lawrence) 154-[no p.]
Alain Corbellari, Guillaume d’Orange, ou la naissance du héros médiéval (S.H.) 156-[no p.]
Nicolas Lenoir, Étude sur la ‘Chanson d’Aiquin’ ou ‘La Conquête de la Bretagne par le roi Charlemagne’ (MARIANNE AILES) 157-[no p.]
Denis Hüe, Rémanences: Mémoire de la forme dans la littérature médiévale (ADRIAN ARMSTRONG) 158-[no p.]
Penny Eley, Partonopeus de Blois: Romance in the Making (Jessica Stoll) 159-[no p.]
Christine Ferlampin-Acher, ‘Perceforest’ et Zéphir: Propositions autour d’un récit arthurien bourguignon (S.H.) 160-[no p.]
Anne Ibos-Augé, Chanter et lire dans le récit médiéval: La fonction des insertions lyriques dans les œuvres narratives et didactiques d’oïl aux XIIIe et XIVe siècles (S.H.) 162-[no p.]
Nadia Margolis, An Introduction to Christine de Pizan (S.H.) 163-[no p.]
Julie Singer, Blindness and Therapy in Late Medieval French and Italian Poetry (Beatrice Priest) 164-[no p.]
Susanne Knaeble, Höfisches Erzählen von Gott: Funktion und narrative Entfaltung des Religiösen in Wolframs ‘Parzival’ (Shami Ghosh) 165-[no p.]
Oliver Plessow, in cooperation with Volker Honemann and Mareike Temmen, Mittelalterliche Schachzabelbücher zwischen Spielsymbolik und Wertevermittlung. Der Schachtraktat des Jacobus de Cessolis im Kontext seiner spätmittelalterlichen Rezeption (STEPHEN MOSSMAN) 167-[no p.]
Edward Wheatley, Stumbling Blocks before the Blind: Medieval Constructions of a Disability (Cory Rushton) 168-[no p.]
Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination, British Library (David Rundle) 170-[no p.]
Immo Warntjes, The Munich Computus: Text and Translation. Irish Computistics between Isidore of Seville and the Venerable Bede and its Reception in Carolingian Times (R. SHARPE) 171-[no p.]
Stefania Romualdi, Edizioni diplomatiche a confronto: I canzonieri provenzali B (BnF., fr 1592) e A (BAV, Vat. Lat. 5232) (PETER T. RICKETTS)
172-[no p.]
Le Roman d’Abladane, ed. Giovanni Palumbo (S.H.)
173-[no p.]
Old French Medical Texts, ed. Tony Hunt (Alex Stuart)
173-[no p.]
Our Lady's Lawsuits in ‘L'Advocacie Nostre Dame’ (Our Lady's Advocacy) and ‘La Chapelerie Nostre Dame de Baiex’ (The Benefice of Our Lady's Chapel in Bayeux), trans. Judith M. Davis and F. R. P. Akehurst, ed. Gérard Gros (Stephanie A. Viereck Gibbs Kamath)
174-[no p.]
‘Du fait de cuisine’/‘On Cookery’ of Master Chiquart (1420), ed. and trans. Terence Scully (S.H.)
174-[no p.]
Böece de Confort remanié, ed. Glynnis M. Cropp (S.H.)
175-[no p.]
Valentin et Orson: An Edition and Translation of the Fifteenth-Century Romance Epic, ed. Shira Schwam-Baird (S.H.)
175-[no p.]
Iacopone da Todi: Laude, ed. Matteo Leonardi (K.P. CLARKE)
176-[no p.]
L’Au-delà au Moyen Age: ‘Les visions du chevalier Tondal’ de David Aubert et sa source la ‘Visio Tnugdali’ de Marcus, ed. and trans. Yolande de Pontfarcy (Huw Grange)
176-[no p.]
German Romance, vol. IV: Ulrich von Zatzikhoven, Lanzelet, ed. and trans. Kathleen J. Meyer (Stefan Seeber)
177-[no p.]
The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, vol. III: Paradiso, ed. and trans. Robert M. Durling (George Corbett)
177-[no p.]
Gottfried von Strassburg: Tristan und Isold, ed. Walter †Haug and Manfred Günter Scholz (N.F.P.)
178-[no p.]
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SHORT NOTICES 179-[no p.]

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