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Gabriel Radle

Bishops blessing the bridal bedchamber in the early Middle Ages:
reconsidering the western evidence

87.2 (2018), 219-
María Dolores Bollo-Panadero Una reevaluación de la cuestión de la misoginia en La ofrenda de Yehudá, de Ibn Sabbetay 87.2 (2018), 239-
Joseph Mason Debatable chivalry: a jeu-parti by the Duke of Brittany and its context 87.2 (2018), 255-
Christine Valerie Bourgeois Devotion and disbelief in the Old French Vie de Saint Antoine: hagiographical doubt and the literary tradition of Saint Anthony the Great 87.2 (2018), 277-

Chivalric games at the court of Edward III: the jousting letters of EUL MS 183

87.2 (2018), 304-

Chivalric games at the court of Edward III: the jousting letters of EUL MS 183

87.2 (2018), 304-

Chivalric games at the court of Edward III: the jousting letters of EUL MS 183

87.2 (2018), 304-
Lucas Wood Charles d’Orléans’s heart and its books 87.2 (2018), 343-
Stephen Mossman Daniela Mairhofer, Medieval Manuscripts from Würzburg in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. A Descriptive Catalogue 87.2 (2018), 368-
Andrew Dunning Ralph Hanna and David Rundle, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Western Manuscripts, to c. 1600, in Christ Church, Oxford 87.2 (2018), 369-
Jeffrey Hamburger Gerold Hayer and Manuel Schwembacher, Die mittelalterlichen Handschriften des Stiftes Nonnberg in Salzburg 87.2 (2018), 371-
Jeffrey Hamburger Norbert Wolf, Das Missale Albrechts von Brandenburgs. Geschaffen von Nikolaus Glockendon – inspiriert von Albrecht Dürer. Die Handschrift 1- der Hofbibliothek Aschaffenburg 87.2 (2018), 372-
John L. Flood Eric Marshall White, Editio princeps: A History of the Gutenberg Bible 87.2 (2018), 374-
Stephanie L. Hathaway Stefan Vander Elst, The Knight, The Cross, and the Song: Crusade Propaganda and Chivalric Literature, 1100 –1400 87.2 (2018), 375-
Krisztina Ilko Alan E. Bernstein, Hell and its Rivals: Death and Retribution among Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the Early Middle Ages 87.2 (2018), 376-
Ad Putter Victoria Flood, Prophecy, Politics, and Place in Medieval England: From Geoffrey and Monmouth to Thomas of Erceldoune 87.2 (2018), 378-
Sylvia Huot Wendy Marie Hoofnagle, The Continuity of the Conquest: Charlemagne and Anglo-Norman Imperialism 87.2 (2018), 379-
Elise Louviot Daniel Donoghue, How the Anglo-Saxons Read their Poems 87.2 (2018), 380-
Thomas A. Bredehoft Elise Louviot, Direct Speech in Beowulf and Other Old English Narrative Poems 87.2 (2018), 382-
Christopher Cannon Robert Edwards, Invention and Authorship in Medieval England 87.2 (2018), 383-
A.V.C. Schmidt

David Aers, Beyond Reformation? An Essay on William Langland’s Piers Plowman and the End of Constantinian Christianity

87.2 (2018), 384-
Jamie C. Fumo Carolyn P. Collette, Rethinking Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women 87.2 (2018), 387-
Brian Murdoch Henry Ansgar Kelly, The Middle English Bible: A Reassessment 87.2 (2018), 388-
P.J.C. Field Kevin Whetter, The Manuscript and Meaning of Malory’s ‘Morte Darthur’: Rubrication, Commemoration, Memorialization 87.2 (2018), 389-
Marco Nievergelt Lee Manion, Narrating the Crusades: Loss and Recovery in Medieval and Early Modern English Literature 87.2 (2018), 391-
Mark Campbell Chambers Sarah Elliott Novacich, Shaping the Archive in Late Medieval England: History, Poetry, and Performance 87.2 (2018), 392-
Giulia Boitani Keith Busby, French in Medieval Ireland, Ireland in Medieval French: The Paradox of Two Worlds 87.2 (2018), 394-
Giulia Boitani Huw Grange, Saints and Monsters in Medieval French and Occitan Literature: Sublime and Abject Bodies 87.2 (2018), 396-
Miranda Griffin Peggy McCracken, In the Skin of a Beast: Sovereignty and Animality in Medieval France 87.2 (2018), 397-
Laura Chuhan Campbell Leah Tether, Publishing the Grail in Medieval and Renaissance France 87.2 (2018), 399-
Chiara Concina Gianluca Caputo, L’aurora del Giappone tra mito e storiografia: nascita ed evoluzione dell’alterità nipponica nella cultura italiana, 1300–1600 87.2 (2018), 400-
Stefano Milonia Jennifer Rushworth, Discourses of Mourning in Dante, Petrarch and Proust 87.2 (2018), 402-
Nigel Palmer Sarah McNamer, Meditations on the Life of Christ: The Short Italian Text 87.2 (2018), 403-
Francesca Galligan Raffaele Morabito, Le virtù di Griselda: storia di una storia 87.2 (2018), 405-
Aisling Byrne P. S. Langeslag, Seasons in the Literatures of the Medieval North 87.2 (2018), 406-
Antonia Fitzpatrick Geoffrey of Aspall, Questions on Aristotle’s Physics, ed. Sylvia Donati and Cecilia Trifogli, trans. E. Jennifer Ashworth and Cecilia Trifogli 87.2 (2018), 408-
Jane Bliss The Complete Harley 2253 Manuscript, ed. and trans. Susanna Fein with David Raybin and Jan Ziolkowski 87.2 (2018), 409-
Adam de la Halle and Nevelot Amion, Les ‘Vers d’amours’ d’Arras, ed. Federico Saviotti 87.2 (2018), 410-
Brent A. Pitts The Abingdon Apocalypse, ed. Daron Burrows 87.2 (2018), 410-
Peter Murray Jones

An Anglo-Norman Pharmacopoeia (Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodley 761), ed. Tony
Hunt (Peter Murray Jones)

87.2 (2018), 411-
Sylvia Huot Deux contes à rire médiévaux: ‘Le Boucher d’Abbeville’ suivi de ‘Trubert’, ed. Jean Rychner and Guy Raynaud de Lage, presented and translated by Alain Corbellari 87.2 (2018), 411-
Charlotte Cooper-Davis Christine de Pizan, Othea’s Letter to Hector, ed. and trans. Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski and Earl Jeffrey Richards 87.2 (2018), 412-
Stephen Mossman Geistliche Texte des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit. Editionen und Untersuchungen, ed. Petra Hörner 87.2 (2018), 412-
Nigel Palmer Páls leizla. The Vision of St Paul, ed. and trans. Dario Bullitta 87.2 (2018), 414-
Shorter Notices
Nigel Palmer Later Medieval Archaeology in Britain, ed. Christopher M. Gerrard and Alejandra Gutiérrez 87.2 (2018), 415-
Nigel Palmer Massimiliano Vitiello, Amalsuintha: The Transformation of Queenship in the Post-Roman World 87.2 (2018), 415-
Nigel Palmer

Performing Medieval Text, ed. Ardis Butterfield, Henry Hope, and Pauline Souleau

87.2 (2018), 415-
Animal Languages in the Middle Ages: Representations of Interspecies Communication, ed.
Alison Langdon
87.2 (2018), 416-
Medieval Thought Experiments: Poetry, Hypothesis, and Experience in the European Middle
Ages, ed. Philip Knox, Jonathan Morton, and Daniel Reeve, Disputatio 31
87.2 (2018), 417-
Translation and Authority: Authorities in Translation, ed. Pieter De Leemans and Michèle Goyens 87.2 (2018), 417-
Strasbourg, ville de l’imprimerie. L’édition princeps aux XVe et XVIe siècles (textes et images), ed. Edith Karagiannis-Mazeaud 87.2 (2018), 417-
Susan L. Einbinder, After the Black Death: Plague and Commemoration among Iberian Jews 87.2 (2018), 417-
The Works of Chardri: Three Poems in the French of Thirteenth-Century England. The Life of the Seven Sleepers, The Life of St Josaphaz, and The Little Debate, trans. Neil Cartlidge 87.2 (2018), 418-
Alessandro Tedesco, Itinera ad loca sancta. I libri di viaggio delle Biblioteche Francescane di Gerusalemme. Catalogo delle edizioni dei secoli XV–XVIII 87.2 (2018), 418-
Punishment & Penitential Practices in Medieval German Writing, ed. Sarah Bowden and Annette Volfing 87.2 (2018), 419-


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