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Arvind Thomas

Rechelesnesse’s learned ignorance or how to make a law from a rule in Piers Plowman

90.1 (2021), 1-23 pdf
Julia Mattison Universalizing doublets in Middle English verse: Chaucer and romance 90.1 (2021), 24-50 pdf
Siegfried Wenzel

The three enemies of man: an unlisted sermon in Middle English

90.1 (2021), 51-69 pdf
Aisling Byrne Guy of Warwick in Iberia: England, Portugal and the background to Tirant lo Blanch 90.1 (2021), 92-109 pdf
Joan Duran-Porta The Grail as a ‘converted’ object: literary fiction and historical archetypes 90.1 (2021), 110-122 pdf
Rafael J. Pascual

Hrothgar’s warhorse and the audience of Beowulf

90.1 (2021), 123-132 pdf
Leonard Neidorf Grendel’s blood: on the translation of Beowulf line 849 90.1 (2021), 133-142 pdf
Caroline Batten

Hand over head: a possible reference to the Old English metrical psalms in the ‘Journey Charm’

90.1 (2021), 143-148 pdf
Jeffrey Hamburger Manuscrits enluminés d’origine germanique. Tome II: XVe siècle, ed. Laure Rioust with the collaboration of numerous others 90.1 (2021), 149-150 pdf
Conor O’Brien Eoghan Ahern, Bede and the Cosmos: Theology and Nature in the Eighth Century 90.1 (2021), 150-151 pdf
MARTIN KAUFFMANN After the Carolingians: Re-defining Manuscript Illumination in the 10th and 11th Centuries, ed. Beatrice Kitzinger and Joshua O’Driscoll 90.1 (2021), 152-153 pdf
Alastair Minnis

William F. Hodapp, The Figure of Minerva in Medieval Literature

90.1 (2021), 153-154
Victoria Blud Emma Maggie Solberg, Virgin Whore 90.1 (2021), 154-155 pdf
Alastair Minnis Dyan Elliott, The Corrupter of Boys: Sodomy, Scandal, and the Medieval Clergy 90.1 (2021), 156-157 pdf
Stefan Jurasinski Benjamin Saltzman, Bonds of Secrecy: Law, Spirituality, and the Literature of Concealment in Early Medieval England 90.1 (2021), 157-158 pdf
Hetta Howes Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis, The Care of Nuns: The Ministries of Benedictine Women in England during the Central Middle Ages 90.1 (2021), 159-160 pdf
Thomas Kearns Kate Thomas, Late Anglo-Saxon Prayer in Practice: Before the Books of Hours 90.1 (2021), 160-161 pdf
Hannah Piercy Emily Dolmans, Writing Regional Identities in Medieval England: From the ‘Gesta Herwardi’ to ‘Richard Coer de Lyon 90.1 (2021), 161-162 pdf
Amy Brown Carissa M. Harris, Obscene Pedagogies: Transgressive Talk and Sexual Education in Late Medieval Britain 90.1 (2021), 163-164 pdf
Alastair Minnis Megan E. Murton, Chaucer’s Prayers: Writing Christian and Pagan Devotion 90.1 (2021), 164-165 pdf
Sarah Breckenridge Wright Robert J. Meyer-Lee, Literary Value and Social Identity in The Canterbury Tales 90.1 (2021), 165-167 pdf
Alastair Minnis Kara Gaston, Reading Chaucer in Time. Literary Formation in England and Italy 90.1 (2021), 167-168 pdf
Venetia Bridges Olivia Robinson, Contest, Translation and the Chaucerian Text 90.1 (2021), 168-169 pdf
Rebecca Courtier Victoria Turner, Theorising Medieval Race: Saracen Representations in Old French Literature 90.1 (2021), 170-171 pdf
Stefano Milonia Laura Melosi, D’Annunzio e l’edizione 1911 della Commedia 90.1 (2021), 171-172 pdf
Sebastian Coxon Angila Vetter, Textgeschichte(n). Retextualisierungsstrategien und Sinnproduktion in Sammlungsverbünden. Der ‘Willehalm’ in kontextueller Lektüre 90.1 (2021), 172-173
Laurie Atkinson

Alfred Thomas, The Court of Richard II and Bohemian Culture

90.1 (2021), 174-175 pdf
Lukas Rösi Vera Johanterwage, Buddha in Bergen. Die altnordische Barlaams ok Josaphats saga 90.1 (2021), 175-176 pdf
Nigel Palmer Robin Wahlstein Böckerman, The Bavarian Commentary and Ovid: Clm 4610. The Earliest Documented Commentary on the Metamorphoses 90.1 (2021), 177-177 pdf
Nigel Palmer

Flores philosophorum et poetarum: Tras la huella del Speculum doctrinale de Vicente de Beauvais. Estudio y edición, ed. Irene Villarroel Fernández

90.1 (2021), 177-178 pdf
Peter Chekin Reginald of Durham’s Life of St Godric: An Old French Version, ed. Margaret Coombe, Tony Hunt, and Anne Mouron 90.1 (2021), 179-179 pdf
Sylvia Huot Floire et Blanchefleur (Vatican Fragment), ed. Ian Short 90.1 (2021), 180-180 pdf
Sylvia Huot Amadas et Ydoine, ed. and trans. Christine Ferlampin-Acher and Denis Hüe 90.1 (2021), 180-181 pdf
Sylvia Huot Lettre d’Alexandre sur les merveilles de l’Inde ( Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, CFM 20), ed. by Brent A. Pitts 90.1 (2021), 181-181 pdf
Shorter Notices
Nigel Palmer Beasts, Humans and Transhumans in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, ed. J. Eugene Clay, Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance 45 90.1 (2021), 182-183 pdf


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