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Ian Cornelius

Passus secundus de dobest: on the genesis of a rubric in the archetype of Piers Plowman B

84.1 (2015), 1-
Brendan O'Connell

'Struglyng wel and myghtily’: resisting rape in the Man of Law’s Tale.

84.1 (2015), 16-
Huw Grange

A paraphrase of the Miserere in Anglo-Norman verse (Lambeth Palace, MS 431)

84.1 (2015), 40-
Lucas Wood

Of werewolves and wicked women: Melion’s misogyny reconsidered

84.1 (2015), 60-
Pierre Courroux

Enguerrand de Monstrelet et les assassinats de Louis d’Orléans et Jean sans Peur

84.1 (2015), 89-

King Sverrir of Norway and the foundations of his power: kingship ideology and narrative in Sverris saga

84.1 (2015), 109-
Nigel Palmer

Katalog der mittelalterlichen Helmstedter Handschriften. Teil I: Cod. Guelf. 1 bis 276 Helmst., descriptions by Helmar Härtel, Christian Heitzmann, Dieter Merzbacher, and Bertram Lesser

84.1 (2015), 136-

A Catalogue of Western Book Illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges IV.1. The British Isles: Insular and Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, ed. Nigel Morgan and Stella Panayotova with the assistance of Rebecca Rushforth

84.1 (2015), 137-
Jeffrey Hamburger

Ulrike Jenni and Maria Theisen, Mitteleuropäische Schulen IV (ca. 1380–1400). Hofwerkstätten König Wenzels IV. und deren Umkreis

84.1 (2015), 139- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Christoph Burger

Ben Morgan, On Becoming God: Late Medieval Mysticism and the Modern Western Self (Christoph Burger)

84.1 (2015), 140- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Ronald Hutton

Sophie Page, Magic in the Cloister: Pious Motives, Illicit Interests and Occult Approaches to the Medieval Universe (Ronald Hutton)

84.1 (2015), 141- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Jeffrey Hamburger

Berthold Kress, Divine Diagrams: The Manuscripts and Drawings of  Paul Lautensack (1477/78–1558)

84.1 (2015), 142- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Eliza Zingesser

Benoît Grévin, Le Parchemin des cieux: Essai sur le Moyen Âge du langage (Eliza Zingesser)

84.1 (2015), 143- DOI:10.2307/26396561
William Burgwinkle

Louis-Georges Tin, The Invention of Heterosexual Culture (Bill Burgwinkle)

84.1 (2015), 144- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Daniel Anlezark

Britt Mize, Traditional Subjectivities: The Old English Poetics of  Mentality

84.1 (2015), 146- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Britt Mize

Michael D. C. Drout, Tradition and Influence in Anglo-Saxon Literature: An Evolutionary, Cognitivist Approach (Britt Mize)

84.1 (2015), 147- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Megan Cavell

Asa Simon Mittman and Susan M. Kim, Inconceivable Beasts: The Wonders of the East in the Beowulf Manuscript (Megan Cavell)

84.1 (2015), 148- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Derek Pearsall

A. C. Spearing, Medieval Autographies: The ‘I’ of the Text (Derek Pearsall)

84.1 (2015), 150- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Greg Walker

Douglas Gray, The Phoenix and the Parrot: Skelton and the Language of Satire (Greg Walker)

84.1 (2015), 151- DOI:10.2307/26396561

Ian Johnson, The Middle English Life of Christ: Academic Discourse, Translation, and Vernacular Theology (Sarah Wood)

84.1 (2015), 152- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Kathryn Kerby-Fulton

Linne R. Mooney and Estelle Stubbs, Scribes and the City: London Guildhall Clerks and the Dissemination of Middle English Literature 1375–1425 (Kathryn Kerby-Fulton)

84.1 (2015), 154- DOI:10.2307/26396561
David Matthews

Monica Santini, The Impetus of Amateur Scholarship: Discussing and Editing Medieval Romances in Late-Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Britain (David Matthews)

84.1 (2015), 156- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Tim Atkin

Nicola Morato, Il ciclo di ‘Guiron le Courtois’: Strutture e testi nella tradizione manoscritta (Tim Atkin)

84.1 (2014), 157-

Gilbert Ouy, Christine Reno, and Inès Villela-Petit, avec Olivier Delsaux & Tania Van Hemelryck (éditeurs et collaborateurs), et avec les conseils de James Laidlaw & Marie-Thérèse Gousset, Album Christine de Pizan (Barbara K. Altmann)

84.1 (2015), 158-
Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoja

Piero Boitani, Dante e il suo futuro (Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoja)

84.1 (2015), 160-
K.P. Clarke

Maria Luisa Ardizzone, Dante: il paradigma intellettuale: Un’inventio degli anni fiorentini (K. P. Clarke)

84.1 (2015), 161-
K.P. Clarke

Martin Eisner, Boccaccio and the Invention of Italian Literature: Dante, Petrarch, Cavalcanti, and the Authority of the Vernacular (K. P. Clarke)

84.1 (2015), 162-
Michael Harney

Irene Zaderenko, El monasterio de Cardeña y el inicio de la épica cidiana (Michael Harney)

84.1 (2015), 163-

Claudia Bornholdt, Saintly Spouses: Chaste Marriage in Sacred and Secular Narrative from Medieval Germany (12th and 13th Centuries) (Alastair Matthews)

84.1 (2015), 165-
Sarah Bowden

Björn Michael Harms, Narrative ‘Motivation von unten’. Zur Versionenkonstitution von Virginal’ und ‘Laurin’ (Sarah Bowden)

84.1 (2015), 167-
John-Paul Holmes

Dietmar Mieth, Meister Eckhart: Einheit mit Gott. Die bedeutendsten Schriften zur Mystik (John-Paul Holmes)

84.1 (2015), 168-
Nigel Palmer

Peter of Cornwall’s Book of Revelations, ed. Robert Easting and Richard Sharpe

84.1 (2015), 170-
Nigel Palmer

Walter of Châtillon: The Shorter Poems. Christmas Hymns, Love Lyrics, and Moral-Satirical Verse, ed. and trans. David A. Traill

84.1 (2015), 171-
Helen Appleton

Christine Rauer, The Old English Martyrology: Edition, Translation and Commentary (Helen Appleton)

84.1 (2015), 171-
Francis Leneghan

Two Ælfric Texts: The Twelve Abuses and The Vices and Virtues. An Edition and Translation of Ælfric’s Old English Versions of De duodecim abusiuis and De octo vitiis et de duodecim abusiuis, ed. and trans. Mary Clayton

84.1 (2015), 172-
James H. Morey

Richard Morris’s Prick of Conscience: A Corrected and Amplified Reading Text, ed. Ralph Hanna and Sarah Wood (James H. Morey)

84.1 (2015), 173-
John Scattergood

John Gower: Confessio Amantis, Volume II, ed. Russell A. Peck with Latin translations by Andrew Galloway (John Scattergood)

84.1 (2015), 173-
Susan Powell

A Late Fifteenth-Century Dominical Sermon Cycle, ed. Stephen Morrison (Sue Powell)

84.1 (2015), 174-

Short Scottish Prose Chronicles, ed. Dan Embree, Edward Donald Kennedy, and Kathleen Daly, with Latin translations by Susan Edgington (Rhiannon Purdie)

84.1 (2015), 175-
Sylvia Huot

Les Noëls en France aux XVe et XVIe siècles, ed. Pierre Rézeau

84.1 (2015), 176-
Huw Grange

Les Paroles Salomun, ed. Tony Hunt (Huw Grange)

84.1 (2015), 176-
Nigel Palmer

Die Gothaer Evangelienharmonie, ed. Petra Hörner

84.1 (2015), 177-

Heinrich Steinhöwels ‘Apollonius’. Edition und Studien, ed. Tina Terrahe

84.1 (2015), 177-
John Hines

Skaldic Poetry of  the Scandinavian Middle Ages, I: Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 1: From Mythical Times to c.1035, ed. Diana Whaley

84.1 (2015), 178-
Shorter Notices
84.1 (2015), 179-188
Patrick Andrist, Paul Canart, and Marilena Maniaci, La Syntaxe du codex: Essai de codicologie structurale, Bibliologia 34 84.1 (2015), 179- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Form and Function in the Late Medieval Bible, ed. Eyal Poleg and Laura Light, Library of the Written Word 27; The Manuscript World 4 84.1 (2015), 179- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Continuity and Innovation in Medieval and Modern Philosophy: Knowledge, Mind, and Language. British Academy Dawes Hicks Symposium on Philosophy, 2011, ed. John Marenbon, Proceedings of the British Academy 189 84.1 (2015), 180- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Martin Kirschner, Gott – größer als gedacht. Die Transformation der Vernunft aus der Begegnung mit Gott bei Anselm von Canterbury 84.1 (2015), 180- DOI:10.2307/26396561
Medieval and Early Modern Performance in the Eastern Mediterranean, ed. Arzu Öztürkmen and Evelyn Birge Vitz, Late Medieval and Early Modern Studies 20 84.1 (2015), 181-
English Monastic Litanies of the Saints after 1100, II: Pontefract–York, ed. Nigel J. Morgan, Henry Bradshaw Society vol. CXX 84.1 (2015), 181-
Ted Morrissey, The Beowulf Poet and his Real Monsters: A Trauma-Theory Reading of the Anglo- Saxon Poem, with a Foreword by Steven Moore 84.1 (2015), 182-
Tomás Ó Cathasaigh, Coire Sois: The Cauldron of Knowledge. A Companion to Early Irish Saga, ed. Matthieu Boyd, foreword by Declan Kiberd 84.1 (2015), 182-
Ian Short, Manual of Anglo-Norman, 2nd edition, Anglo-Norman Text Society Occasional Publications Series 8 84.1 (2015), 183-
Transcrite et/ou traduire: Variation et changement linguistique dans la tradition manuscrite des textes médiévaux, Actes du congrès international, Klagenfurt, 15–16 novembre 2012, ed. Raymund Wilhelm, Studia Romanica 182 84.1 (2015), 183-
Piety and Persecution in the French Texts of England, trans. with notes and introduction by Maureen B. M. Boulton, Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies 420: The French of England Translation Series 6 84.1 (2015), 184-
L’Humain et l’animal dans la France médiévale (XIIe–XVe s.)/Human and Animal in Medieval France (12th–15th c.), ed. Irène Fabry-Tehranci and Anna Russakoff, Faux Titre 397 84.1 (2015), 184-
Sandra Hindman and Ariane Bergeron-Foote, Flowering of Medieval French Literature: ‘Au parler que m’aprist ma mere’, Les Enluminures, Catalogue 18 84.1 (2015), 184-
Jehan Le Fèvre, The Book of Gladness/Le Livre de Leesce: A Fourteenth Century Defense of Women, in English and French, by Jehan Le Fèvre, translated, annotated, and with an introduction by Linda Burke 84.1 (2015), 185-
A Companion to John of Ruusbroec, ed. John Arblaster and Rob Faersen, Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition 51 84.1 (2015), 185-
Ian Cumpstey, Warrior Lore 84.1 (2015), 186-
Gregory I. Halfond, The Archaeology of Frankish Church Councils, AD 511–768, Medieval Law and its Practice 6 84.1 (2015), 186-
David Bates, The Normans and Empire: The Ford Lectures Delivered in the University of Oxford during Hilary Term 2010 84.1 (2015), 186-
Pope Alexander III (1159–81): The Art of Survival, ed. Peter D. Clarke and Anne J. Duggan, Church, Faith, and Culture in the Medieval West 84.1 (2015), 186-
Stefan K. Stantchev, Spiritual Rationality: Papal Embargo as Cultural Practice 84.1 (2015), 187-
Islands and Military Orders, c.1291–c.1798, ed. Emanuel Buttigieg and Simon Phillips 84.1 (2015), 187-
Entering a Clerical Career at the Roman Curia, 1458–1471, ed. Kirsi Salonen and Jussi Hanska 84.1 (2015), 187-


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