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Jacob Hobson, Translation as gloss in the Old English Boethius 207-[no p.]
Tina Chronopoulos, Ganymede in the medieval classroom: reading an ode by the Roman poet Horace 224-[no p.]
Robert Gallagher, Latin acrostic poetry in Anglo-Saxon England: reassessing the contribution of John the Old Saxon 249-[no p.]
Irene Villaroel Fernández, El manuscrito 5 de la Biblioteca de la Shrewsbury School: un peculiar y desconocido testimonio del Speculum doctrinale de Vicente de Beauvais 275-[no p.]
Maria Teresa Rachetta, From Saint-Denis to Béthune: the Chronique française des rois de France by the Anonymous of Béthune and its textual background 299-[no p.]
M. O’Doherty, Imperial fantasies: imagining Christian empire in three fourteenth-century versions of The Book of Sir John Mandeville 323-[no p.]
Claudia Tardelli Terry, Reading Aristotle through Dante: the case of Meteorologica in Francesco da Buti’s Commento 350-[no p.]
Peter Kidd, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts of the Queen’s College, Oxford (Andrew Dunning) 365-[no p.]
Jeffrey Hamburger et al., Liturgical Life and Latin Learning at Paradies bei Soest, 1300–1425: Inscription and Illumination in the Choir Books of A North German Dominican Convent (Lesley Smith) 366-[no p.]
Thomas Haye, Verlorenes Mittelalter: Ursachen und Muster der Nichtüberlieferung mittellateinischer Literatur (Benjamin Pohl) 368-[no p.]
Jeannette Beer, In their Own Words: Practices of Quotation in Early Medieval History-Writing (Fionnùala E. Sinclair) 369-[no p.]
The Dating of Beowulf: A Reassessment, ed. Leonard Neidorf (Francis Leneghan)
371-[no p.]
Ayumi Miura, Middle English Verbs of Emotion and Impersonal Constructions: Verb Meaning and Syntax in Diachrony (Hiroyuki Nawata) 374-[no p.]
Annick Sperlich, Family and Friends: Generation in Medieval Romance (Carolyne Larrington) 375-[no p.]
Deborah L. Moore, Medieval Anglo-Irish Troubles: A Cultural Study of BL MS Harley 913 (Keith Busby) 376-[no p.]
Lawrence Warner, The Myth of ‘Piers Plowman’: Constructing a Medieval Literary Archive (Larry Scanlon) 378-[no p.]
Fiona Somerset, Feeling Like Saints: Lollard Writings after Wyclif (Ian Forrest) 379-[no p.]
Nicolas Buat and Evelyne van den Neste, Manuel de paléographie française; Nicola Nicolas Buat and Evelyne van den Neste, Dictionnaire de paléographie française (découvrir et comprendre les textes anciens (XVe–XVIIIe siècle) (Nicola Morato) 380-[no p.]
Robert Mills, Seeing Sodomy in the Middle Ages (Blake Gutt) 382-[no p.]
Claire M. Waters, Translating Clergie: Status, Education, and Salvation in Thirteenth-Century Vernacular Texts (Claudia Wittig) 383-[no p.]
Charity Urbanski, Writing History for the King: Henry II and the Politics of Vernacular Historiography (Jean Blacker)
385-[no p.]
Dante in Context, ed. Zygmunt G. Barański and Lino Pertile (Dario Tessicini) 387-[no p.]
Lola Badia, Joan Santanach, and Albert Soler, Ramon Llull as a Vernacular Writer: Communicating a New Kind of Knowledge (Blake Gutt) 388-[no p.]
Drama in English from the Middle Ages to the Early Twentieth Century: An Anthology of Pkays with Old Spellings, ed. Christopher J. Wheatley 389-[no p.]
The Buke of the Howlat, ed. Ralph Hanna (Emily Wingfield)
390-[no p.]
‘Duncaine Laideus Testament’ and Other Comic Poems in Older Scots, ed. Janet Hadley Williams (Emily Wingfield)
390-[no p.]
Vernacular Literary Theory from the French of Medieval England. Texts and Translations, c.1120–c.1450, ed. and trans. Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Thelma Fenster, and Delbert Russell (Keith Busby)
391-[no p.]
The Oxford Psalter (Bodleian MS Douce 320), ed. Ian Short (D. W. Russell)
392-[no p.]
The Anglo-Norman Lay of Haveloc: Text and Translation, ed. and trans. Glyn S. Burgess and Leslie C. Brook (Daron Burrows)
393-[no p.]
Trinity Apocalypse, ed. Ian Short (Brent A. Pitts)
393-[no p.]
L’Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César (deuxième rédaction): édition d’après le manuscrit OUL 1 de la bibliothèque de l’Université Otemae (ancien Phillipps 23240), ed. Yorio Otaka (Hannah Morcos)
394-[no p.]
Christine de Pizan, The Boke of the Cyte of Ladyes: Translated by Brian Anslay, ed. Hope Johnston (Andrea Valentini)
395-[no p.]
Les Aventures de Bruns. Compilazione guironiana del secolo XII attribuibile a Rustichello da Pisa, ed. Claudio Lagomarsini (S.H.)
395-[no p.]
Francisco de Moraes, Palmeirim de Inglaterra, ed. Lênia Márcia Mongelli, Raúl César G. Fernandes, and Fernando Maués (Geraldo Augusto Fernandes)
396-[no p.]
Procès politiques au temps de Louis XI: Armagnac et Bourgogne, ed. Joël Blanchard (Craig Taylor)
396-[no p.]
Minnereden. Auswahledition, ed. Iulia-Emilia Dorobanțu, Jacob Klingner, and Ludger Lieb (N.F.P.)
398-[no p.]
Virginal. Goldemar, ed. Elisabeth Lienert, Elisa Pontini, and Katrin Schumacher (N.F.P.)
398-[no p.]
Das 'Konventsbuch' und das 'Schwesternbuch' aus St. Katharina in St. Gallen. Kritische Edition und Kommentar, ed. Antje Willing, with introductory studies by Stefanie Seeberg, Claudia Sutter, and Antje Willing (N.F.P.) 399-[no p.]
Liber Coronacionis Britanorum, ed. Patrick Sims-Williams (Alderik Blom)
399-[no p.]
Shorter Notices
Shorter Notices 400-[no p.]
Portuguese Studies on Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts, ed. Maria Adelaide Miranda and Alicia Miguélez Cavero, Textes et Études du Moyen Âge 76
400-[no p.]
Horae B.M.V. 158 Stundenbuchdrucke der Sammlung Bibermühle, 1490–1550, ed. Heribert Tenschert and Ina Nettekoven, Antiquariat Bibermühle: Kataloge 50, vols 1–3
401-[no p.]
A Cultural History of the Senses in the Middle Ages, ed. Richard G. Newhauser
402-[no p.]
Jochen Schevel, Bibliothek und Buchbestände des Augustiner-Chorherrenstifts Georgenberg bei Goslar. Ein Überblick über die Entwicklung im Mittelalter bis zur Zerstörung 1527, Wolfenbütteler Mittelalter-Studien 27
402-[no p.]
Haskins Society Journal 26: Studies in Medieval History, ed. Laura L. Gathagan and William North
403-[no p.]
Medieval Science Fiction, ed. Carl Kears and James Paz, King’s College London Medieval Studies XXIV
403-[no p.]
The Material Culture of the Built Environment in the Anglo-Saxon World, ed. Maren Clegg Hyer and Gale R. Owen-Crocker, Vol. II of The Material Culture of Daily Living in the Anglo-Saxon World, Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe
403-[no p.]
Approaches to Teaching Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, 2nd edition, ed. Peter W. Travis and Frank Grady
404-[no p.]
Medieval into Renaissance: Essays for Helen Cooper, ed. Andrew King and Matthew Woodcock
404-[no p.]
Middle English Texts in Transition: A Festschrift Dedicated to Toshiyuki Takamiya on his 70th Birthday, ed. Simon Horobin and Linne R. Mooney
404-[no p.]
Anglo-français: philologie et linguistique, ed. Oreste Floquet and Gabriele Giannini
405-[no p.]
Magistra Doctissima: Essays in Honor of Bonnie Wheeler, ed. Dorsey Armstrong, Ann W. Astell, and Howell Chickering
405-[no p.]
Founding Feminisms in Medieval Studies: Essays in Honor of E. Jane Burns, ed. Laine E. Doggett and Daniel E. O’Sullivan, Gallica 39
406-[no p.]
L’agiografia volgare: Tradizioni de testi, motivi e linguaggi, ed. Elisa De Roberto and Raymund Wilhelm, Studia Romanica 195
406-[no p.]
The Anglo-Norman Gospel Harmony: A Translation of the Estoire de l’Evangile (Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral C6.1.1, Liber niger, trans. Brent A. Pitts, The French of England Translation Series 7; Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies 45 3
406-[no p.]
Delbert W. Russell, Verse Saints’ Lives Written in the French of England, The French of England Translation Series 5
407-[no p.]
Marco Polo, The Description of the World, trans. Sharon Kinoshita
408-[no p.]
The Prose Brut and Other Late Medieval Chronicles: Books Have their Histories: Essays in Honour of Lister M. Matheson, ed. Jaclyn Rajsic, Erik Kooper, and Dominique Hoche, Manuscript Culture in the British Isles
408-[no p.]
Twenty-Four Lays from the French Middle Ages, trans. Glyn S. Burgess and Leslie C. Brook, Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe
408-[no p.]
The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook, ed. Michael Livingston and Kelly De Vries
409-[no p.]
Charlemagne and his Legend in Early Spanish Literature and Historiography, ed. Matthew Bailey and Ryan D. Giles, Bristol Studies in Medieval Cultures
410-[no p.]
Maria in Hymnus und Sequenz. Interdisziplinäre mediävistische Perspekten, ed. Eva Rothenberger and Lydia Wegener, Liturgie und Volkssprache 1
410-[no p.]
Marianne E. Kalinke, Stories Set Forth with Fair Words: The Evolution of Medieval Romance in Iceland 411-[no p.]
Alice Taylor, The Shape of the State in Medieval Scotland: 1124–1290
412-[no p.]
Giorgio Caravale, Beyond the Inquisition: Ambrogio Catarino Politi and the Origins of the Counter-Reformation, trans. Don Weinstein
412-[no p.]
Index of Vol. LXXXVI 413-[no p.]

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