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Tomislav Bilic

The Antipodes between classical and medieval Welsh and Irish tradition

88.2 (2019), 207-229
Jan-Peer Hartmann

Monument reuse in Felix’s Vita Sancti Guthlaci

88.2 (2019), 230-264
Yoshinobu Kudo

Reinstalling clerical authority, juridical and didactic: the unique rearrangements of Book II of Peter Idley’s Instructions to his Son in London, British Library, Arundel MS 20

88.2 (2019), 265-300
Laurie Atkinson

‘And to that ende, here is remembrance’: registers of petition in Thomas Hoccleve’s devotional and begging poetry

88.2 (2019), 301-328
Sebastian Falk

Vernacular craft and science in the Equatorie of the Planetis

88.2 (2019), 329-360
Cynthia Bland-Biggar, Nicholas Orme

Fifteenth-century dramatic texts from the Bristol area

88.2 (2019), 361-375
Cynthia Bland-Biggar, Nicholas Orme

Fifteenth-century dramatic texts from the Bristol area

88.2 (2019), 361-375
Roberto Galbiati

The vernacular Carolingian epic in Tuscany in the fourteenth century

88.2 (2019), 376-395
Jeffrey Hamburger

Diane J. Reilly, The Cistercian Reform and the Art of the Book in Twelfth-Century France

88.2 (2019), 396-397
Nigel Palmer

Reima Välimäki, Heresy in Late Medieval Germany: The Inquisitor Petrus Zwicker and the Waldensians

88.2 (2019), 397-399
Emily A. Winkler

Joshua Byron Smith, Walter Map and the Matter of Britain

88.2 (2019), 399-400
Carl Kears

Heather Maring, Signs that Sing: Hybrid Poetics in Old English Verse

88.2 (2019), 401-402
Frances McCormack

Megan Cavell, Weaving Words and Binding Bodies: The Poetics of Human Experience in Old English Literature

88.2 (2019), 402-403
John Hines

Jane Hawkes and Philip Sidebottom, Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture. Volume XIII: Derbyshire and Staffordshire

88.2 (2019), 403-405
Natalija Ganina

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War, ed. Claire Breay and Joanna Story

88.2 (2019), 405-406
Natalie Goodison

Tara Williams, Middle English Marvels: Magic, Spectacle, and Morality in the Fourteenth Century

88.2 (2019), 406-407
Megan Cavell

Michael J. Warren, Birds in Medieval English Poetry: Metaphors, Realities, Transformations

88.2 (2019), 407-409
Michael Baker

Andrew Galloway, Ralph Hanna, Traugott Lawler, and Stephen A. Barney, The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman

88.2 (2019), 409-411
Michael Baker

Rebecca Davis, Piers Plowman and the Books of Nature

88.2 (2019), 411-412
Ian Cornelius

Ralph Hanna, The Penn Commentary on ‘Piers Plowman’, Volume 2: C Pass?s 5–9; B Pass?s 5–7; A Pass?s 5–8

88.2 (2019), 412-414
Neil Cartlidge

Lawrence Warner, Chaucer’s Scribes: London Textual Production, 1384–1432

88.2 (2019), 414-415
Kathy Cawsey

Glenn D. Burger, Conduct Becoming: Good Wives and Husbands in the Later Middle Ages

88.2 (2019), 415-417
Christiania Whitehead

Catherine Sanok, New Legends of England: Forms of Community in Late Medieval Saints’ Lives

88.2 (2019), 417-418
Sarah Star

Katie L. Walter, Middle English Mouths: Late Medieval Medical, Religious and Literary Traditions,

88.2 (2019), 418-419
Alastair Minnis

Tamás Karáth, Richard Rolle: The Fifteenth-Century Translations

88.2 (2019), 420-421
Nicola Morato

Laura Chuhan Campbell, The Medieval Merlin Tradition in France and Italy: Prophecy, Paradox, and Translatio

88.2 (2019), 421-422
David Hook

Daniel Gutiérrez Trápaga, Rewritings, Sequels, and Cycles in Sixteenth-Century Castilian Romances of Chivalry

88.2 (2019), 423-424
John L. Flood

Andreas Nievergelt, Althochdeutsch in Runenschrift. Geheimschriftliche volkssprachige Griffelglossen

88.2 (2019), 424-426
Sebastian Coxon

Jan-Dirk Müller, ‘Episches’ Erzählen: Erzählformen früher volkssprachiger Schriftlichkeit

88.2 (2019), 426-428
Tom Birkett

Siân E. Grønlie, The Saint and the Saga Hero: Hagiography and Early Icelandic Literature

88.2 (2019), 428-429
Nigel Palmer

The Anglo-Latin Gesta Romanorum from Oxford, Bodleian Library Douce MS 310, ed. and trans. Philippa Bright with Diane Speed and Juanita Ruys

88.2 (2019), 430-430
Charles S.F. Burnett

The Astrological Autobiography of a Medieval Philosopher: Henry Bate’s Nativitas (1280-81), ed. and introd. Carlos Steel, Steven Vanden Broecke, David Juste, and Shlomo Sela

88.2 (2019), 430-431
Nigel Palmer

Franciscus de Mayronis, Tractatus de passione Domini, ed. Riccardo Burgazzi

88.2 (2019), 431-432
Giulia Boitani

Marco Polo, Le Devisement du Monde, ed. and trans. Joël Blanchard and Michel Quereuil, with Thomas Tanase

88.2 (2019), 432-433
Shorter Notices

Medieval Philosophy: A Multicultural Reader, gen. ed. Bruce V. Foltz

88.2 (2019), 433-433
Hannah Piercy

Medialität. Historische Konstellationen, ed. Christian Kiening and Martina Stercken

88.2 (2019), 433-434
Jeffrey Hamburger

Manuscripts in the Making: Art & Science II, ed. Stella Panayotova and Paola Ricciardi

88.2 (2019), 434-434
Nigel Palmer

Jessica Kreutz, Die Buchbestände von Wöltingerode. Ein Zisterzienserkloster im Kontext der spätmittelalterlichen Reformbewegungen

88.2 (2019), 434-435
Nigel Palmer

Kerstin Schnabel, ‘Liber sanctae Mariae virginis in Bordesholm’, in Geschichte einer holsteinischen Stiftsbibliothek

88.2 (2019), 435-435
Giovanni Varelli

Mark Everist and Thomas Forrest Kelly, The Cambridge History of Medieval Music

88.2 (2019), 435-436
Alastair Minnis

Myra L. Uhlfelder, The ‘Consolation of Philosophy’ as Cosmic Image

88.2 (2019), 436-437
Nigel Palmer

Friends of God: Vernacular Literature and Religious Elites in the Rhineland and the Low Countries (1300–1500), ed. Wybren Scheepsma, Gijs van Vliet, and Geert Warnar

88.2 (2019), 437-437
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Index 88.2 (2019), 438-442


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