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Thomas D. Hill

The prudent shipman: The Seafarer lines 39‒47 and a homiletic analogue

91.1 (2022), 1-9
Susanna Greer Fein

When Holy Church Is Under Foot: a precursor to The Simonie in Oxford, Jesus College MS 29

91.1 (2022), 10-27
Christiania Whitehead

Durham manuscript compilations of northern saints’ lives

91.1 (2022), 28-52
Edward Mills

‘Issi devez pronuncier la lune’: an Anglo-Norman guide to the lunar calendar in London, British Library, MS Cotton Claudius D III

91.1 (2022), 53-69
Henry Ravenhall

The date, author, and context of the Roman de Silence: a reassessment

91.1 (2022), 70-99
Sophie Marnette

Ignaure: gender and genre

91.1 (2022), 100-123
Francesca Galligan

New fragments of Christine de Pizan’s Livre de la cité des dames

91.1 (2022), 124-135
John Carey

Cancelling the face of Nature in Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS fr. 24392

91.1 (2022), 136-141
Peter Chekin

Ionuţ Epurescu-Pascovici, Human Agency in Medieval Society, 1100–1450

91.1 (2022), 142-143
Jeffrey Hamburger

Stefan Drechsler, Illuminated Manuscript Production in Medieval Iceland: Literary and Artistic Activities of the Monastery at Helgafell in the Fourteenth Century

91.1 (2022), 143-144
Sylvia Huot

Morgan Powell, Gender, Reading, and Truth in the Twelfth Century: The Woman in the Mirror

91.1 (2022), 144-146

Andrea Worm, Geschichte und Weltordnung: Bildliche Modelle von Zeit und Raum in Universalchroniken vor 1500

91.1 (2022), 146-147
Sylvia Huot

Florent Coste, Gouverner par les livres: les légendes dorées et la formation de la société chrétienne (XIIIe–XVe siècle)

91.1 (2022), 147-148
Nigel Palmer

Nikolaus Henkel, Sebastian Brant, Studien und Materialien zu einer Archäologie des Wissens um 1500

91.1 (2022), 148-149
Noah D. Guynn

Juliette Vuille, Holy Harlots in Medieval English Religious Literature: Authority, Exemplarity, and Femininity

91.1 (2022), 149-150
Hannah Piercy

Sarah Breckenridge Wright, Mobility and Identity in Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’

91.1 (2022), 151-152
Cat Watts

Alice Hazard, The Face and Faciality in Medieval French Literature, 1170–1390

91.1 (2022), 152-154
Geneviève Young

Xabier Irujo, Charlemagne’s Defeat in the Pyrenees: The Battle of Rencesvals

91.1 (2022), 154-155
Jonathan Morton

Valérie Fasseur, Paradoxes du lettré: le clerc-poète et son lecteur laïc à l’épreuve des polémiques intellectuelles (XIIIe siècle)

91.1 (2022), 155-156
Sylvia Huot

Géraldine Toniutti, Les Derniers Vers du roman arthurien: trajectoire d’un genre, anachronism d’une forme

91.1 (2022), 157-158
Sylvia Huot

Thibaut Radomme, Le Privilège des livres: bilinguisme et concurrence culturelle dans le Roman de Fauvel remanié et dans les gloses au premier livre de l’Ovide moralisé

91.1 (2022), 158-159
Nadia Margolis

Sarah Delale, Diamant Obscur: Interpréter les manuscrits de Christine de Pizan

91.1 (2022), 160-161
Stefano Milonia

Martin Eisner, Dante’s New Life of the Book. A Philology of World Literature

91.1 (2022), 161-162
Claire Taylor Jones

Werner Williams-Krapp, Geschichte der deutschen Literatur von den Anfängen bis zum Beginn der Neuzeit, ed. Joachim Heinzle, vol. III: Vom späten Mittelalter zum Beginn der Neuzeit, part 2,1: Die Literatur des 15. und frühen 16. Jahrhunderts. Modelle literarischer Interessenbildung

91.1 (2022), 162-163
Nigel Palmer

The Cambridge Songs (Carmina Cantabrigiensia), ed. and trans. Jan Ziolkowski

91.1 (2022), 164-

Beowulf By All: Community Translation and Workbook, ed. Jean Abbott, Elaine Treharne, and Mateusz Fafinski

91.1 (2022), 164-

A Middle English Statute-Book: Edited from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson MS B 520, ed. Claire Fennell, Part II: Tracts

91.1 (2022), 164-165

The Fifteen Oes and Other Prayers: Edited from the Text published by William Caxton (1495), ed. Alexandra Barratt and Susan Powell

91.1 (2022), 165-

The Findern Manuscript: A New Edition of the Unique Poems, ed. Joanna M. Martin

91.1 (2022), 165-166

The Middle English Kynge of Appolyn of Thyre. Translated by Robert Copland. Edited from the text published by Wynkyn de Worde (1510), ed. Stephen Morrison with Jean- Jacques Vincensini

91.1 (2022), 166-
Giulia Boitani

La Chanson de Saint Alexis: essai d’édition critique de la version primitive avec apparat synoptique de tous les témoins, ed. François Zufferey

91.1 (2022), 166-167
Leah Tether

La Deuxième Continuation du Conte du Graal, ed. Francis Gingras, trans. Francis Gingras and Marie-Louise Ollier

91.1 (2022), 167-168
Sylvia Huot

La Mort le roi Artu: Roman du XIIIe siècle, ed. Jean Frappier, trans. Patrick Moran

91.1 (2022), 168-
Sylvia Huot

Garin de Monglane. Chanson de geste du XIIIe siècle, ed. Bernard Guidot

91.1 (2022), 168-169
Sylvia Huot

Renart le contrefait d’après le manuscrit BnF fr. 1630, ed. Corinne Pierreville, with Roger Bellon, Marion Bonansea, Claude Lauchet, Marc Le Person, Lydie Louison, and Marylène Possamaï

91.1 (2022), 169-
Nigel Palmer

Stephan Lauper, Das ‘Briefbuch’ der Strassburger Johanniterkommende Zum Grünen Wörth

91.1 (2022), 169-170
Shorter Notices

The United States of Medievalism, ed. Tison Pugh and Susan Aronstein

91.1 (2022), 170-171
Nigel Palmer

Tiere. Fremde und Freunde. Winterausstellung 24. November 2021 bis 6. März 2022, ed. Franziska Schnoor

91.1 (2022), 171-

Meanings of Water in Early Medieval England, ed. Carolyn Twomey and Daniel Anlezark

91.1 (2022), 171-172

Will Rogers, Writing Old Age and Impairments in Late Medieval England

91.1 (2022), 172-
Nigel Palmer

Materiality and Religious Practice in Medieval Denmark, ed. Sarah Croix and Mads Vedel Heilskov

91.1 (2022), 172-173

The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of the Crusades, ed. Anthony Bale

91.1 (2022), 173-

Journal of Medieval Military History, ed. John France, Kelly DeVries, and Clifford J. Rogers, XIX

91.1 (2022), 173-174
Jessica Maratsos

The Burke Collection of Italian Manuscript Paintings, with Introduction by Christopher de Hamel, ed. Sandra Hindman and Federica Toniolo

91.1 (2022), 174-175
Sylvia Huot

The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts: A Handbook, ed. Stella Panayotova

91.1 (2022), 174-
Sylvia Huot

Imago & Mirabilia. Les formes del prodigi a la Mediterrània medieval: The Ways of Wonder in the Medieval Mediterranean. Las formas del prodigio en el Mediterráneo medieval, ed. Anna Orriols, Jordi Cerdà, and Joan Duran-Porta

91.1 (2022), 175-
Nigel Palmer

Penelope Nash, The Spirituality of Countess Matilda of Tuscany

91.1 (2022), 175-176

Theodore Evergates, Marie of France: Countess of Champagne, 1145–1198

91.1 (2022), 176-
Nigel Palmer

The Sermons and Liturgy of Saint James. Book One of the Liber Sancti Jacobi, translated with introduction, commentaries, and notes by Thomas F. Coffey and Maryjane Dunn

91.1 (2022), 176-177
Nigel Palmer

The Chronicle of an Anonymus Roman: Rome, Italy and Latin Christendom, c.1325–1360, translated with an introduction by James A. Palmer

91.1 (2022), 177-

Old English Lexicology and Lexicography: Essays in Honor of Antonette DiPaolo Healey, ed. Maren Clegg Hyer, Haruko Momma, and Samantha Zacher

91.1 (2022), 177-178

Interpreting MS Digby 86: A Trilingual Book from Thirteenth-Century Worcestershire, ed. Susanna Fein

91.1 (2022), 178-
Sean McGlynn

History of the Dukes of Normandy and the Kings of England by the Anonymous of Béthune, trans. Janet Shirley with historical notes by Paul Webster

91.1 (2022), 178-179
David Hook

Le Roman arthurien du Pseudo-Robert de Boron en France et dans la Péninsule Ibérique, ed. Paloma Gracia and Alejandro Casais

91.1 (2022), 179-
George Rayson

The Oxford Handbook of Dante, ed. Manuele Gragnolati, Elena Lombardi, and Francesca Southerden

91.1 (2022), 179-180
Nigel Palmer

Jef Jacobs, Kenny Louwen, Bart Veldhoen, and Barend Verkerk, Middle High German Legends in English Translation

91.1 (2022), 180-

A Critical Companion to Old Norse Literary Genre, ed. Massimiliano Bampi, Carolyne Larrington, and Sif Rikhardsdottir

91.1 (2022), 180-181

North Sea Crossings: The Literary Heritage of Anglo-Dutch Relations 1066–1688, ed. Sjoerd Levelt and Ad Putter

91.1 (2022), 181-


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