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Julian Weiss

The Poet's Art: Literary Theory in Castile c. 1400-60

. (), -NS14
Leslie C. Brook

Two Late Medieval Love Treatises: Heloise's Art d'Amour and a Collection of Demandes d'Amour

. (), -NS16
James W. Kirkland, Charles E. Modlin


41.1 (1972), 9-15 DOI:10.2307/43627776
James W. Kirkland, Charles E. Modlin


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Alastair Minnis

John O. Ward, Classical Rhetoric in the Middle Ages: The Medieval Rhetors and Their Art 400–1300, with Manuscript Survey to 1500 CE

89.1 (2020), 161-162
Anna Dlaba?ová Joost van Driel, Meesters van het woord. Middelnederlandse schrijvers en hun kunst 82.1 (2013), 164- DOI:10.2307/43633000
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Sylvia Huot

Jonathan Morton, The ‘Roman de la rose’ in its Philosophical Context: Art, Nature, and Ethics

88.1 (2019), 170-
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Peggy McCracken

Marion Uhlig, Le Prince des clercs: Barlaam et Josaphat ou l’art du recueil

89.1 (2020), 178-179
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Matthew Thomson

Anna Zayaruznaya, The Monstrous New Art: Divided Forms in the Late Medieval Motet (Matthew Thomson)

85.2 (2016), 351-
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Jeffrey Hamburger

Diane J. Reilly, The Cistercian Reform and the Art of the Book in Twelfth-Century France

88.2 (2019), 396-397

Sonja Drimmer, The Art of Allusion. Illuminators and the Making of English Literature, 1403–1476

89.2 (2020), 400-401
Natalija Ganina

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War, ed. Claire Breay and Joanna Story

88.2 (2019), 405-406
The Notory Art of Shorthand (Ars notoria notarie): A Curious Chapter in the History of Writing in the West, introd., ed., and trans. John Haines 85.1 (2016), 167- DOI:10.2307/26396490
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84.2 (2015), 354- DOI:10.2307/26396560
Shorter Notices
Sylvia Huot

The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts: A Handbook, ed. Stella Panayotova

91.1 (2022), 174-
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Jane H.M. Taylor

Nancy Freeman Regalado, L’Art poétique de François Villon: ‘effet de réel’

89.1 (2020), 204-205
Nigel Palmer

Laura Slater, Art and Political Thought in Medieval England, c.1150–1359

88.1 (2019), 205-206
Medieval Art in the Northern Netherlands before van Eyck: New Facts and Features, ed. Anne- Maria J. van Egmond and Claudine A. Chavannes-Mazel, Clavis: Kunsthistorische Monografieën 23 84.2 (2015), 361- DOI:10.2307/26396561
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Jeffrey Hamburger

Manuscripts in the Making: Art & Science II, ed. Stella Panayotova and Paola Ricciardi

88.2 (2019), 434-434
Review Articles
M.M. Badawi On the Art of Medieval Arabic Literature, by Andras Hamori 46.2 (1977), 259-263 DOI:10.2307/43628274


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