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Noah D. Guynn

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91.1 (2022), 149-150
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Tanya Stabler Miller

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89.1 (2020), 186-187
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David Abulafia

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Elaine Treharne

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89.2 (2020), 390-391
Alastair Minnis

Nancy Bradley Warren, Chaucer and Religious Controversies in the Medieval and Early Modern Eras

89.2 (2020), 399-400
Sarah Star

Katie L. Walter, Middle English Mouths: Late Medieval Medical, Religious and Literary Traditions,

88.2 (2019), 418-419
Shorter Notices
Nigel Palmer

Materiality and Religious Practice in Medieval Denmark, ed. Sarah Croix and Mads Vedel Heilskov

91.1 (2022), 172-173
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Nigel Palmer

Friends of God: Vernacular Literature and Religious Elites in the Rhineland and the Low Countries (1300–1500), ed. Wybren Scheepsma, Gijs van Vliet, and Geert Warnar

88.2 (2019), 437-437


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