Low Countries

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Stephen Mossman Wybren Scheepsma (author), David F. Johnson (trans.), Medieval Religious Women in the Low Countries. The ‘Modern Devotion’, the Canonesses of Windesheim, and their Writings 74.1 (2005), 158-160 DOI:10.2307/43632287
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Shorter Notices
Inwardness, Individualization, and Religious Agency in the Late Medieval Low Countries. Studies in the Devotio Moderna and its Contexts, ed. Rijcklof Hofman, Charles Caspers, Peter Nissen, Mathilde van Dijk, and Johan Oosterman, 90.1 (2021), 186-187
Charlotte Steenbrugge, Staging Vice: A Study of Dramatic Traditions in Medieval and Sixteenth-Century England and the Low Countries, Ludus 13 85.2 (2016), 375- DOI:10.2307/26396399
Nigel Palmer

The Arthur of the Low Countries: The Arthurian Legend in Dutch and Flemish Literature, ed. Bart Besamusca and Frank Brandsma

90.2 (2021), 381-382
Nigel Palmer

Friends of God: Vernacular Literature and Religious Elites in the Rhineland and the Low Countries (1300–1500), ed. Wybren Scheepsma, Gijs van Vliet, and Geert Warnar

88.2 (2019), 437-437
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