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P.J.C. Field Searching for Camelot 87.1 (2018), 1-
Michael C. Seymour Chaucer’s Rose 87.1 (2018), 23-
Michael Van Dussen Richard Rolle’s Latin Psalter in Central European manuscripts 87.1 (2018), 41-
Andrew Dunning Les Roys de Engeltere: an illustrated genealogy for King Edward I 87.1 (2018), 72-
Olivia Robinson In the forest of long waiting: Charles d’Orléans and the Querelle de la Belle Dame sans mercy 87.1 (2018), 81-
Leah Schwebel The pagan suicides: Augustine and Inferno 13 87.1 (2018), 106-
Margaret Connolly Unrecorded copies of Middle English verse and prose in Dublin, Trinity College, MS 35 87.1 (2018), 133-
A.S.G. Edwards, Daniel Davies

A new manuscript of Knyghthode and Bataile

87.1 (2018), 137-
A.S.G. Edwards, Daniel Davies

A new manuscript of Knyghthode and Bataile

87.1 (2018), 137-
J.A. Burrow ‘Pronomination’ in the poetry of Chaucer , Gower , and Skelton 87.1 (2018), 142-
Pere Bescós Prat Ut biberent, quando esse nolent: Machiavelli and Leonardo Bruni on the praenomen of the Roman consul Publius Claudius Pulcher 87.1 (2018), 153-
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen Aisling Byrne. Otherworlds: Fantasy and History in Medieval Literature 87.1 (2018), 157-
Almut Suerbaum Marisa Galvez. Songbook. How Lyrics Became Poetry in Medieval Europe 87.1 (2018), 160-
Almut Suerbaum David Wallace, Strong Women. Life, Text, and Territory 1347–1647 87.1 (2018), 162-
Carlo Caruso Jane Chance, Medieval Mythography, Volume III: The Emergence of Italian Humanism, 1321–1475 87.1 (2018), 163-
Miranda Griffin Sarah Kay, Animal Skins and the Reading Self in Medieval Latin and French Bestiaries 87.1 (2018), 165-
Emily A. Winkler Benjamin Pohl, Dudo of Saint-Quentin's Historia Normannorum Tradition, Innovation and Memory 87.1 (2018), 166-
Tom Birkett Peter Orton, Writing in a Speaking World: The Pragmatics of Literacy in Anglo-Saxon Inscriptions and Old English Poetry 87.1 (2018), 168-
Daniel Thomas M. R. Rambaran-Olm, ‘John the Baptist’s Prayer or The Descent into Hell’ from the Exeter Book: Text, Translation and Critical Study 87.1 (2018), 169-
Ian Cornelius Stephen M. Yeager, From Lawmen to Plowmen: Anglo-Saxon Legal Tradition and the School of Langland 87.1 (2018), 170-
Susan Powell Cecilia A. Hatt, God and the Gawain-Poet: Theology and Genre in Pearl, Cleanness, Patience and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 87.1 (2018), 172-
Megan Leitch Joanna Bellis, The Hundred Years War in Literature, 1337–1600 87.1 (2018), 173-
Mark Campbell Chambers Nicole R. Rice and Margaret Aziza Pappano, The Civic Cycles: Artisan Drama and Identity in Premodern England 87.1 (2018), 175-
Maria Teresa Rachetta Maureen Barry McCann Boulton, Sacred Fictions of Medieval France: Narrative Theology in the Lives of Christ and the Virgin, 1150–1500 87.1 (2018), 178-
Sylvia Huot Jerry Root, The Theophilus Legend in Medieval Text and Image 87.1 (2018), 179-
Amy Suzanne Heneveld Désirée Cremer, Boethius französisch: Zur diskursiven Vernetzung mittelalterlicher und frühneuzeitlicher Consolatio-Übersetzungen 87.1 (2018), 180-
Lydia Zeldenrust Helen J. Swift, Representing the Dead: Epitaph Fictions in Late-Medieval France 87.1 (2018), 182-
Sara Sturm-Maddox The Cambridge Companion to Petrarch, ed. Albert Russell Ascoli and Unn Falkeid 87.1 (2018), 183-
Spencer Pearce Heather Webb, Dante’s Persons: An Ethics of the Transhuman 87.1 (2018), 185-
Manuel Hijano Villegas Thomas Devaney, Enemies in the Plaza: Urban Spectacle and the End of Spanish Frontier Culture, 1460-1492 87.1 (2018), 186-
John L. Flood Falko Klaes, Mittelalterliche Glossen und Texte aus Trier. Studien zur volkssprachigen Trierer Überlieferung von den Anfängen bis zum Ende des 11. Jahrhunderts im lateinischen Kontext 87.1 (2018), 187-
Sophie Marnette Alain Corbellari, Des Fabliaux et des hommes: Narration brève et matérialisme au Moyen Âge 87.1 (2018), 188-
Nigel Palmer Wolfgang Beck, Deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters in Thüringen: Eine Überlieferungsgeschichte 87.1 (2018), 189-
Almut Suerbaum Claudia Lauer, Ästhetik der Identität. Sänger-Rollen in der Sangspruchdichtung des 13. Jahrhunderts 87.1 (2018), 190-
Brian Murdoch Racha Kirakosian, Die Vita der Christina von Hane. Untersuchung und Edition 87.1 (2018), 191-
Almut Suerbaum Judith Theben, Die mystische Lyrik des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts. Untersuchungen – Texte – Repertorium 87.1 (2018), 193-
Almut Suerbaum Martine Veldhuizen, De ongetemde tong. Opvattingen over zondige, onvertogen en misdadige woorden in het Middelnederlands 1300–1550 87.1 (2018), 194-
Almut Suerbaum Martine Veldhuizen, Sins of the Tongue in the Medieval West. Sinful, Unethical, and Criminal Words in Middle Dutch (1300-1550) (Almut Suerbaum) 87.1 (2018), 194-
The Disputatio puerorum: A Ninth-Century Monastic Instructional Text. Edited from Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, 458, by Andrew Rabin and Liam Felsen 87.1 (2018), 196-
Samuel Presbiter, Notes from the School of William de Montibus. Edited from Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 860, by Andrew N. J. Dunning 87.1 (2018), 197-
Antonia Fitzpatrick Robert Greystones on the Freedom of the Will: Selections from his Commentary on the Sentences, ed. Mark Henninger, Robert Andrews, and Jennifer Ottman 87.1 (2018), 197-
Margaret Connolly A Mirror to Devout People (Speculum devotorum), ed. Paul J. Patterson 87.1 (2018), 198-
Huw Grange Beroul and Beroul II, The Romance of Tristran, ed. Barbara N. Sargent-Baur 87.1 (2018), 199-
Peter Ainsworth Jean Froissart, Chroniques de France et d’Angleterre, ed. Alberto Varvaro 87.1 (2018), 200-
Ramon Llull, Romance of Evast and Blaquerna, introduction by Albert Soler and Joan Santanach; translation and notes by Robert D. Hughes 87.1 (2018), 201-
Shorter Notices
Pamela Kalning, Matthias Miller, and Karin Zimmermann, Die Codices Palatini germanici in der Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg (Cod. Pal. germ. 671–848) 87.1 (2018), 202-
Tuotilo: Archäologie eines frühmittelalterlichen Künstlers, ed. David Ganz and Cornel Dora 87.1 (2018), 202-
An Insular Odyssey: Manuscript Culture in Early Christian Ireland and Beyond, ed. Rachel Moss, Felicity O’Mahony, and Jane Maxwell 87.1 (2018), 203-
Mythe, histoire et literature au Moyen Âge, ed. Catherine Croizy-Naquet, Jean-Pierre Bordier, and Jean-René Valette 87.1 (2018), 203-
Arthur, la mer et la guerre, ed. Alban Gautier, Marc Rolland, and Michelle Szkilnik 87.1 (2018), 203-
Elisabeth Dutton Medieval Dress and Textiles in Britain: A Multilingual Sourcebook, ed. Louise M. Sylvester, Mark C. Chambers, and Gale R. Owen-Crocker 87.1 (2018), 204-
Textiles, Text, Intertext: Essays in Honour of Gale R. Owen-Crocker, ed. Maren Clegg Hyer and Jill Frederick 87.1 (2018), 205-
Wounds in the Middle Ages, ed. Anne Kirkham and Cordelia Warr 87.1 (2018), 205-
Craig Taylor Armes et jeux militaires dans l’imaginaire, ed. Catalina Girbea 87.1 (2018), 205-
Tim William Machan Patricia Claire Ingham, The Medieval New: Ambivalence in an Age of Innovation [Tim William Machan] 87.1 (2018), 206-
Voice and Voicelessness in Medieval Europe, ed. Irit Ruth Kleiman 87.1 (2018), 206-
The Middle Ages in the Modern World: Twenty-First Century Perspectives, ed. Bettina Bildhauer and Chris Jones 87.1 (2018), 207-
Medievalism and Modernity, ed. Karl Fugelso, with Joshua Davies and Sarah Salih 87.1 (2018), 207-
Ecomedievalism, ed. Karl Fugelso 87.1 (2018), 207-
Steve Mentz, Shipwreck Modernity: Ecologies of Globalization, 1550–1719 87.1 (2018), 207-
Patrick Sims-Williams Celtic Cosmology: Perspectives from Ireland and Scotland, ed. Jacqueline Borsje, Ann Dooley, Séamus Mac Mathúna, and Gregory Toner 87.1 (2018), 208-
Medieval Romance and Material Culture, ed. Nicholas Perkins 87.1 (2018), 208-
Sexual Culture in the Literature of Medieval Britain, ed. Amanda Hopkins, Robert Allen Rouse, and Cory James Rushton 87.1 (2018), 208-
Nicholas Everett, Patron Saints of Early Medieval Italy AD c. 350–800. Translated with an introduction and commentary 87.1 (2018), 209-
Pietro Delcorno, In the Mirror of the Prodigal Son: The Pastoral Uses of a Biblical Narrative (c.1200–1550) 87.1 (2018), 209-
Sally Harvey, Domesday: Book of Judgement 87.1 (2018), 209-
Imagining Medieval English: Language Structures and Theories, 500–1500, ed. Tim William Machan 87.1 (2018), 210-
Benoît de Sainte-Maure, The Roman de Troie, trans. Glyn S. Burgess and Douglas Kelly 87.1 (2018), 210-
The Life of Saint Clement: A Translation of ‘La Vie de seint Clement’, trans. Daron Burrows 87.1 (2018), 211-
Herman Braet, Nouvelle Bibliographie du Roman de la Rose 87.1 (2018), 211-
The History of William Marshal, trans. Nigel Bryant 87.1 (2018), 212-
Philippe de Mézières et l’Europe: Nouvelle Histoire, nouveaux espaces, nouveaux langages, ed. Joël Blanchard and Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski 87.1 (2018), 212-
The Chivalric Biography of Boucicaut, Jean II Le Meingre, trans. Craig Taylor and Jane H. M. Taylor 87.1 (2018), 213-
Machaut’s Legacy: The Judgment Poetry Tradition in the Later Middle Ages and Beyond, ed. R. Barton Palmer and Burt Kimmelman 87.1 (2018), 213-
Christine de Pizan, The Book of the Mutability of Fortune, ed. and trans. Geri L. Smith 87.1 (2018), 214-
Spencer Pearce Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio, trans. Stanley Lombardo 87.1 (2018), 214-
Christa Bertelsmeier-Kierst, Buchkultur und Überlieferung im kulturellen Kontext, ed. Tina Terrahe, Regina Toepfer, and Jürgen Wolf 87.1 (2018), 215-
Almut Suerbaum Verena Barthel, Empathie, Mitleid, Sympathie. Rezeptionslenkende Strukturen mittelalterlicher Texte in Bearbeitungen des Willehalm-Stoffs 87.1 (2018), 215-
Almut Suerbaum Silke Winst, Amicus und Amelius. Kreigerfreundschaft und Gewalt in mittelalterlichen Erzählungen 87.1 (2018), 216-
Maren Großbröhmer, Erzählen von den Heiden. Annäherungen an das Andere in den Chanson de geste-Adaptationen ‘Loher und Maller’ und ‘Herzog Herpin’ 87.1 (2018), 216-
Brian Murdoch Brian Fitzgerald, Inspiration and Authority in the Middle Ages: Prophets and their Critics from Scholasticism to Humanism 87.1 (2018), 217-
Alice Taylor, The Shape of the State in Medieval Scotland: 1124–1290 87.1 (2018), 217-
Richard Löwenherz. König – Ritter – Gefangener, ed. Alexander Schubert 87.1 (2018), 217-
Giorgio Caravale, Beyond the Inquisition: Ambrogio Catarino Politi and the Origins of the Counter-Reformation, trans. Don Weinstein 87.1 (2018), 218-


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