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PHILIP A. SHAW, Telling a hawk from an herodio: on the origins and development of the Old English word wealhhafoc and its relatives 1-[no p.]
HILARY POWELL, Following in the footsteps of Christ: text and context in the Vita Mildrethae 23-[no p.]
CATHY HUME, The Storie of Asneth: a fifteenth-century commission and the mystery of its epilogue 44-[no p.]
PETER HAPPÉ , Genre and fifteenth-century English drama: the case of Thomas Chaundler’s Liber apologeticus 66-[no p.]
ELIZABETH ARCHIBALD , The Flight from Incest as a Latin play: the Comoedia sine nomine, Petrarch, and the Avignon Papacy 81-[no p.]
AISLING BYRNE , Family, locality, and nationality: vernacular adaptations of the Expugnatio Hibernica in late medieval Ireland 101-[no p.]
Old English ‘wundenlocc’ hair in context 119-[no p.]
Nicolas Jacobs, The three props of Langland’s Tree of Charity 126-[no p.]
David Rollo, Kiss my Relics: Hermaphroditic Fictions of the Middle Ages (S.H.) 133-[no p.]
The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Latin Literature, ed. Ralph J. Hexter and David Townsend (Laurence Eldredge) 134-[no p.]
John Monfasani, Bessarion scholasticus: A Study of Cardinal Bessarion’s Latin Library  (Cornelia Linde) 135-[no p.]
Renée R. Trilling, The Aesthetics of Nostalgia: Historical Representation in Old English Verse (Daniel Anlezark) 136-[no p.]
Sif Rikhardsdóttir, Medieval Translations and Cultural Discourse: The Movement of Texts in England, France and Scandinavia (CAROLYNE LARRINGTON) 138-[no p.]
Amy N. Vines, Women’s Power in Late Medieval Romance (LAURA VARNAM) 139-[no p.]
George Edmondson, The Neighboring Text: Chaucer, Boccaccio, Henryson  (RUTH EVANS) 140-[no p.]
T. Matthew N. McCabe, Gower’s Vulgar Tongue: Ovid, Lay Religion, and English Poetry in the Confessio Amantis (ELLIOT KENDALL) 141-[no p.]
Nancy Bradley Warren, The Embodied Word: Female Spiritualities, Contested Orthodoxies, and English Religious Cultures, 1350-1700 (SARAH SALIH) 143-[no p.]
Malcolm Richardson, Middle-Class Writing in Late Medieval London (JULIA BOFFEY) 144-[no p.]
Mark Cruse, Illuminating the ‘Roman d’Alexandre’  (Alex Stuart) 145-[no p.]
Francis Gingras, Le Bâtard conquérant: Essor et expansion du genre romanesque au Moyen Âge (MATILDA TOMARYN BRUCKNER) 146-[no p.]
Jean-Marie Fritz, La Cloche et la lyre: Pour une poétique médiévale du paysage sonore (Jennifer Saltzstein) 148-[no p.]
Claude Machabey-Besanceney, Le ‘Martyre d’amour’ dans les romans en vers de la seconde moitié du douzième à la fin du treizième siècle (Jessica Stoll) 149-[no p.]
Raymond J. Cormier, The Methods of Medieval Translators: A Comparison of the Latin Text of Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’ with its Old French Adaptations (S.H.) 150-[no p.]
Jean Flori, Chroniqueurs et propagandistes (S.H.) 151-[no p.]
Justin Steinberg, Accounting for Dante: Urban Readers and Writers in Late Medieval Italy (FRANCESCA GALLIGAN) 153-[no p.]
Susanna Barsella, In the Light of Angels: Angelology and Cosmology in Dante’s Divina Commedia (Simon Gilson) 154-[no p.]
Geraldine Coates, Treacherous Foundations: Betrayal and Collective Identity in Early Spanish Epic, Chronicle, and Drama  (David Hook) 155-[no p.]
Ricardo Pichel Gotérrez, Fundación e primeiros séculos do mosteiro bieito de Santo Estevo de Chouzán (sécs. IX–XIII) (Ainoa Castro Correa) 157-[no p.]
Juan Casas Rigall, Humanismo, gramática y poesía: Juan de Mena y los ‘auctores’ en el canon de Nebrija (Rodrigo Cacho Casal) 158-[no p.]
Wolfram von Eschenbach. Ein Handbuch. Band 1: Autor, Werk, Wirkung; Band 2: Figuren-Lexikon, Beschreibendes Verzeichnis der Handschriften, Bibliographien, Register, Abbildungen, ed. Joachim Heinzle (Stefan Seeber) 159-[no p.]
Christoph Gerhardt, Der ‘Willehalm’-Zyklus. Stationen der Überlieferung von Wolframs ‘Original’ bis zur Prosafassung (HENRIKE MANUWALD) 160-[no p.]
Ullrich Bruchhold, Deutschsprachige Beichten im 13. und 14. Jahrhundert. Editionen und Typologien zur Überlieferungs-, Text- und Gebrauchsgeschichte vor dem Hintergrund der älteren Tradition (Sarah Bowden)# (Sarah Bowden) 162-[no p.]
Balázs J. Nemes, Von der Schrift zum Buch ? vom Ich zum Autor. Zur Text- und Autorkonstitution in Überlieferung und Rezeption des ‘Fließenden Lichts der Gottheit’ Mechthilds von Magdeburg (Catherine Squires) 163-[no p.]
Joost van Driel, Meesters van het woord. Middelnederlandse schrijvers en hun kunst (Anna Dlaba?ová) 164-[no p.]
Solveig Möllenberg, Tradition und Transfer in spätgermanischer Zeit (John Hines) 166-[no p.]
Michael Ryan, A Kingdom of Stargazers: Astrology and Authority in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon (Charles Burnett) 167-[no p.]
Anglo-Saxon Prognostics: An Edition and Translation of Texts from London, British Library, MS Cotton Tiberius A.iii, ed. and trans. R. M. Liuzza (Daniel Anlezark)
169-[no p.]
Collectio exemplorum Cisterciensis in codice Parisiensi 15912 asseruata, ed. Jacques Berlioz and Marie Anne Polo de Beaulieu, with the assistance of Pascal Collomb, Marie-Claire Gasnault, Pierre Gasnault, and Isabelle Rava-Cordier (N.F.P.) 169-[no p.]
Le Jeu d’Adam, ed. Véronique Dominguez (Maria Teresa Rachetta)
170-[no p.]
Troubadours mineurs gascons du XIIe siècle: Alegret, Marcoat, Amanieu de la Broqueira, Peire de Valeria, Gausbert Amiel, ed. Riccardo Viel (Huw Grange)
170-[no p.]
Anglo-Norman Amys e Amilioun: The Text of Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, MS. 345 (Olim Codex Durlac 38) in Parallel with London, British Library, MS Royal 12 C. XII, ed. John Ford (Leona Archer)
171-[no p.]
Aimé du Mont-Cassin, Ystoire de li Normant, édition du manuscrit BnF fr. 688 par Michèle Guéret-Laferté (A.E. Cobby)
171-[no p.]
Estoire de l’Evangile (Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral, ms. C6. 1. 1), ed. Brent A. Pitts (Maria Teresa Rachetta)
172-[no p.]
Three Anglo-Norman Chronicles, ed. Peter T. Ricketts (S.H.)
172-[no p.]
The Old French Lays of ‘Ignaure’, ‘Oiselet’ and ‘Amours’, ed. and trans. Glyn S. Burgess and Leslie C. Brook, with the assistance of Elizabeth W. Poe (ANDREEA WEISL-SHAW)
173-[no p.]
‘Sottes chansons contre Amours’: Parodie et burlesque au Moyen Âge, ed. and trans. Eglal Doss-Quinby, Marie-Geneviève Grossel, and Samuel N. Rosenberg (ANDREEA WEISL-SHAW)
173-[no p.]
Perceforest: Cinquième partie, ed. Gilles Roussineau (S.H.)
174-[no p.]
Prose Brut to 1332, ed. Heather Pagan (S.H.)
174-[no p.]
Crónica de la población de Ávila, ed. Manuel Abeledo (David Hook)
175-[no p.]
Catena aurea deutsch. Die ostmitteldeutsche Übersetzung des Katenenkommentars des Thomas von Aquin, ed. Petra Hörner, Vol. 2 (N.F.P.)
176-[no p.]
Laurin, ed. Elisabeth Lienert, Sonja Kerth, and Esther Vollmer-Eicken (N.F.P.)
176-[no p.]
Morkinskinna, ed. Ármann Jakobsson and Þórður Ingi Guðjónsson (Rob Avis)
177-[no p.]
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