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C.J.E. Ball Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book, by Paull F. Baum 34.1 (1965), 46-48 DOI:10.2307/43627142
Frances McCormack

Corinne Dale, The Natural World in the Exeter Book Riddles

88.1 (2019), 153-
Katharine Breen

Curtis A. Gruenler, ‘Piers Plowman’ and the Poetics of Enigma: Riddles, Rhetoric, and Theology

89.1 (2020), 169-170
JANE STEVENSON Two Literary Riddles in the Exeter Book: Riddle I and the Easter Riddle, by James E. Anderson 57.2 (1988), 298-299 DOI:10.2307/43629223
Jennifer Neville Patrick J. Murphy, Unriddling the Exeter Riddles 83.2 (2014), 325-
Daniel Anlezark Dieter Bitterli, Say What I Am Called: The Old English Riddles of the Exeter Book and the Anglo-Latin Riddle Tradition 82.2 (2013), 333- DOI:10.2307/43633027
Sylvia Huot Unspeakable horror, ineffable bliss: riddles and marvels in the Prose Tristan 71.1 (2002), 47-65 DOI:10.2307/43630388
Roger Sherman Loomis ONOMASTIC RIDDLES IN MALORY'S "BOOK OF ARTHUR AND HIS KNIGHTS" 25.3 (1956), 181-190 DOI:10.2307/43631130
ELISABETH OKASHA OLD ENGLISH "HRING" IN RIDDLES 48 AND 59 62.1 (1993), 61-69 DOI:10.2307/43629497
Jennifer Neville

A modest proposal: titles for the Exeter Book Riddles

88.1 (2019), 116-
Shorter Notices
Saint Aldhelm’s Riddles, trans. A. M. Juster 88.1 (2019), 188-188
Mercedes Salvador-Bello, Isidorean Perceptions of Order: The Exeter Book Riddles and Medieval Latin Enigmata 88.1 (2019), 195-196


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