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JEREMY JOHNS Normandy before 1066, by David Bates 54.1 (1985), 141-142 DOI:10.2307/43628881
Jane Kershaw

Katherine Cross, Heirs of the Vikings: History and Identity in Normandy and England, c.950–1015

89.1 (2020), 185-186
A.R. SMITH Lancastrian Normandy, 1415-1450: the History of a Medieval Occupation, by C. T. Allmand 54.2 (1985), 310-311 DOI:10.2307/43628920
Shorter Notices
Sean McGlynn

History of the Dukes of Normandy and the Kings of England by the Anonymous of Béthune, trans. Janet Shirley with historical notes by Paul Webster

91.1 (2022), 178-179
Jennifer D. Thibodeaux, The Manly Priest: Clerical Celibacy, Masculinity, and Reform in England and Normandy, 1066–1300 88.1 (2019), 189-189
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