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Brent A. Pitts

Estoire de l’Evangile (Dublin: Christ Church Cathedral, MS. C6.1.1)

. (), -NS28
Maria Teresa Rachetta Estoire de l’Evangile (Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral, ms. C6. 1. 1), ed. Brent A. Pitts 82.1 (2013), 172- DOI:10.2307/43633003
Anne Hudson The Earlier Version of the Wycliffite Bible. Vol. 6: Baruch 3.20-end of OT edited from MS Christ Church 145. (Stockholm Studies in English XXIX), by Conrad Lindberg 44.1 (1975), 179-181 DOI:10.2307/43628114
Andrew Dunning Ralph Hanna and David Rundle, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Western Manuscripts, to c. 1600, in Christ Church, Oxford 87.2 (2018), 369-
Shorter Notices
The Anglo-Norman Gospel Harmony: A Translation of the Estoire de l’Evangile (Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral C6.1.1, Liber niger, trans. Brent A. Pitts, The French of England Translation Series 7; Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies 45 3 86.2 (2017), 406- DOI:10.2307/26396442
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