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JILL M. FITZGERALD, Angelus pacis: a liturgical model for the masculine ‘fæle friðowebba’ in Cynewulf’s Elene 189-[no p.]
JOANNA BELLIS, ‘We wanted þe trewe copy þereof’: John Page’s The Siege of Rouen, text and transmission
210-[no p.]
JONATHAN RUBIN, The use of the ‘Jericho tyrus’ in theriac: a case study in the history of the exchanges of medical knowledge between western Europe and the realm of Islam in the Middle Ages
234-[no p.]
RICHARD SHARPE, John Eyton alias Repyngdon and the Sermones super euangelia dominicalia attributed to Philip Repyngdon
254-[no p.]
GEORGE CORBETT, The Christian ethics of Dante’s Purgatory
266-[no p.]
AISLING BYRNE, Aisling Byrne, A lost insular version of the romance of Octavian
288-[no p.]
Alison Stones, Gothic Manuscripts, 1260-1320: Part One  (Jeffrey Hamburger) 303-[no p.]
Cornelia Linde, How to Correct the ‘Sacra Scriptura’? Textual Criticism of the Bible between the Twelfth and Fifteenth Century (David Luscombe) 304-[no p.]
Rowan Watson, Victoria and Albert Museum: Western Illuminated Manuscripts. A Catalogue of Works in the National Art Library from the Eleventh to the Early Twentieth Century, with a Complete Account of the George Reid Collection  (Jeffrey F. Hamburger) 306-[no p.]
Alex J. Novikoff, The Medieval Culture of Disputation: Pedagogy, Practice, and Performance (Antonia Fitzpatrick) 307-[no p.]
John Marenbon, Abelard in Four Dimensions: A Twelfth-Century Philosopher in his Context and Ours (Michael Clanchy) 309-[no p.]
Martha Bayless, Sin and Filth in Medieval Culture: The Devil in the Latrine (NEIL CARTLIDGE) 310-[no p.]
Ruth Mazo Karras, Unmarriages: Women, Men and Sexual Unions in the Middle Ages (Katharine Jager) 311-[no p.]
Anne Simon, The Cult of Saint Katherine of Alexandria in Late-Medieval Nuremberg: Saint and the City (STEPHEN MOSSMAN) 312-[no p.]
Lynn Staley, The Island Garden: England’s Language of Nation from Gildas to Marvell (CATHERINE A.M. CLARKE) 313-[no p.]
Matthew Fisher, Scribal Authorship and the Writing of History in Medieval England  (RICHARD GAMESON) 315-[no p.]
Kenneth Rooney, Mortality and Imagination: The Life of the Dead in Medieval English Literature (Susanna Fein) 316-[no p.]
Nicole D. Smith, Sartorial Strategies: Outfitting Aristocrats and Fashioning Conduct in Late Medieval Literature  (Mark C. Chambers) 317-[no p.]
Carolyn Dinshaw, How Soon Is Now? Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time (Wan-Chuan Kao) 319-[no p.]
Frank Klaassen, The Transformations of Magic: Illicit Learned Magic in the Later Middle Ages and Renaissance (Michael D. Bailey) 320-[no p.]
Ian Christopher Levy, Holy Scripture and the Quest for Authority at the End of the Middle Ages (LESLEY SMITH) 321-[no p.]
Rachel E. Moss, Fatherhood and its Representations in Middle English Texts (Philip Grace) 322-[no p.]
Elisabeth Okasha, Women’s Names in Old English (Daniel Anlezark) 324-[no p.]
Patrick J. Murphy, Unriddling the Exeter Riddles (Jennifer Neville) 325-[no p.]
Scott T. Smith, Land and Book: Literature and Land Tenure in Anglo-Saxon England (Helen Appleton) 326-[no p.]
Jonathan B. Himes, The Old English Epic of Waldere (NEIL CARTLIDGE) 327-[no p.]
Linda Marie Zaerr, Performance and the Middle English Romance (Joyce Coleman) 328-[no p.]
Arthur Bahr, Fragments and Assemblages: Forming Compilations of Medieval London  (Ralph Hanna) 329-[no p.]
Susan Crane, Animal Encounters: Contacts and Concepts in Medieval Britain (Jeffrey Jerome Cohen) 331-[no p.]
Sarah Wood, Conscience and the Composition of ‘Piers Plowman’ (LAWRENCE WARNER) 332-[no p.]
Raluca L. Radulescu, Romance and its Contexts in Fifteenth-Century England: Politics, Piety and Penitence (Melissa Furrow) 333-[no p.]
Eleanor Johnson, Practicing Literary Theory in the Middle Ages: Ethics and the Mixed Form in Chaucer, Gower, Usk, and Hoccleve (JAMES WADE) 335-[no p.]
Greg Walker, Reading Literature Historically: Drama and Poetry from Chaucer to the Reformation (Jane Griffiths) 336-[no p.]
Catherine Nall, Reading and War in Fifteenth-Century England: From Lydgate to Malory (MICHAEL VAN DUSSEN) 337-[no p.]
Rosemarie McGerr, A Lancastrian Mirror for Princes: The Yale Law School ‘New Statutes of England’ (Julian Luxford) 338-[no p.]
Conrad van Dijk, John Gower and the Limits of the Law (ELLIOT KENDALL) 340-[no p.]
Nicholas Orme, English School Exercises, 1420–1530 (CHRISTOPHER CANNON) 341-[no p.]
T. J. Lustig, Knight Prisoner: Thomas Malory, Then and Now (P.J.C. Field) 342-[no p.]
David Watt, The Making of Thomas Hoccleve’s ‘Series (Sebastian J. Langdell) 343-[no p.]
Andrew Taylor, The Songs and Travels of a Tudor Minstrel: Richard Sheale of Tamworth (Helen Cooper) 344-[no p.]
Alexandra da Costa, Reforming Printing: Syon Abbey’s Defence of Orthodoxy 1525–1534 (Veronica O’Mara) 345-[no p.]
John Spence, Reimagining History in Anglo-Norman Prose Chronicles (Sara Harris) 346-[no p.]
Marco Nievergelt, Allegorical Quests from Deguileville to Spenser (Megan Leitch) 347-[no p.]
Elizabeth Elliott, Remembering Boethius: Writing Aristocratic Identity in Late Medieval French and English Literatures (Lewis Beer) 349-[no p.]
John Took, Conversations with Kenelm: Essays on the Theology of the ‘Commedia’  (George Corbett) 350-[no p.]
George Corbett, Dante and Epicurus: A Dualistic Vision of Secular and Spiritual Fulfillment (Lorenzo Valterza) 351-[no p.]
María Fernanda Nussbaum, Claves del entorno ideológico del ‘Poema de Alfonso XI’ (Claudia D’Ambruoso) 353-[no p.]
Der Computus Gerlandi. Edition, Übersetzung und Erläuterungen, ed. Alfred Lohr  (N.F.P.) 354-[no p.]
The Lives of Two Offas: Vitae Offarum duorum, ed. Michael Swanton (Daniel Anlezark)
354-[no p.]
The Old English Canons of Theodore, ed. R. D. Fulk and Stefan Jurasinski (Allen J. Frantzen)
355-[no p.]
Paul Gwynne, Poets and Princes: The Panegyric Poetry of Johannes Michael Nagonius (David R. Carlson)
355-[no p.]
Piers Plowman: A Parallel-Text Edition of the A, B, C and Z Versions, William Langland, ed. A. V. C. Schmidt (Ian Cornelius)
356-[no p.]
Gilte Legende, Volume III, ed. Richard Hamer, with the assistance of Vida Russell (MARGARET CONNOLLY)
357-[no p.]
Prik of Conscience, ed. James H. Morey (SARAH WOOD)
357-[no p.]
The Egerton Version of Mandeville’s Travels, ed. M. C. Seymour (Charles Moseley)
358-[no p.]
Four Wycliffite Dialogues: Dialogue Between Jon and Richard, Dialogue Between a Friar and a Secular, Dialogue Between Reson and Gabbyng, Dialogue Between a Clerk and a Knight, ed. Fiona Somerset (Christina von Nolcken)
359-[no p.]
The Historye of the Patriarks, ed. Mayumi Taguchi (Anna Dow)
360-[no p.]
The Middle English Text of Caxton’s ‘Ovid’, Book I, ed. Diana Rumrich (Anna Dow)
360-[no p.]
Richard Beadle, A Critical Edition of the York Corpus Christi Play as Recorded in British Library Additional MS 35290, vol. II (Clifford Davison)
360-[no p.]
The Croxton Play of the Sacrament, ed. John T. Sebastian (Mark C. Chambers)
361-[no p.]
Les Dialogues de Grégoire le Grand traduits par Angier: Publiés d’après le manuscrit Paris, BNF, fr. 24766 unique et autographe, ed. Renato Orengo (Maria Teresa Rachetta)
362-[no p.]
Les Versions en prose du purgatoire de saint Patrice en ancien français, ed. Martina Di Febo (Merryn Everitt)
363-[no p.]
Ruth Wiederkehr, Das Hermetschwiler Gebetbuch. Studien zu deutschsprachiger Gebetbuchliteratur der Nord- und Zentralschweiz im Spätmittelalter. Mit einer Edition (STEPHEN MOSSMAN)
363-[no p.]
Oswald von Wolkenstein: Das poetische Werk. Gesamtübersetzung in neuhochdeutsche Prosa mit Übersetzungkommentaren und Textbibibliographien, ed. Wernfried Hofmeister (ALAN ROBERTSHAW)
364-[no p.]
Hrafnagaldur Óðins (Forspjallsljóð), ed. and trans. Annette Lassen  (John Hines)
365-[no p.]
Snorri Sturluson: The Uppsala Edda, ed. Heimir Pálsson, trans. Anthony Faulkes  (John Hines)
365-[no p.]
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