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Front Matter

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Index of Vol. LXXXV

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Katherine E. C. Willis, 

Mythologizing thought sine ambiguitate in the Irish Augustine’s De mirabilibus Sacrae Scripturae

187-[no p.]
Brandon W. Hawk, 

Ælfric’s genesis and Bede’s Commentarius in Genesim

208-[no p.]
Michael P. Kuczynski, 

Extracts from a revised version of Richard Rolle’s English Psalter in MS Longleat 3, an early version Wycliffite Bible

217-[no p.]
Elizaveta Strakhov, 

Tending to one’s garden: Deschamps’s ‘Ballade to Chaucer’ reconsidered

236-[no p.]
David Murray, 

The clerical reception of Bernart de Ventadorn’s ‘Can vei la lauzeta mover’ (PC 70, 34)

259-[no p.]
Daron Burrows, 

The Anglo-Norman coronation order of Edward II

268-[no p.]
Joseph Stadolnik, 

Naming the unnamed ‘philosofre’ in Chaucer’s prologue to the Treatise on the Astrolabe

314-[no p.]
Hedzer Uulders, 

Une requête d’amour anglo-normande et ses attaches lyriques

319-[no p.]
Brian Murdoch, 

Laying the ghost of the ‘Spielmannsepos’: a note on a recent publication

323-[no p.]

Rebecca Brackmann, The Elizabethan Invention of Anglo-Saxon England: Laurence Nowell, William Lambarde, and the Study of Old English

 (Daniel Anlezark)
328-[no p.]

Joanna Kramer, Between Earth and Heaven: Liminality and the Ascension of Christ in Anglo-Saxon Literature (Helen Appleton)

 (Helen Appleton)
329-[no p.]

Emily V. Thornbury, Becoming a Poet in Anglo-Saxon England (Megan Cavell)

 (Megan Cavell)
331-[no p.]

A. N. Doane and William Stoneman, Purloined Letters: The Twelfth-Century Reception of the Anglo-Saxon Illustrated Hexateuch (British Library, Cotton Claudius B.iv)

 (Daniel Anlezark)
332-[no p.]

Cristina Maria Cervone, Poetics of the Incarnation: Middle English Writing and the Leap of Love (Christiania Whitehead)

333-[no p.]

Jane Griffiths, Diverting Authorities: Experimental Glossing Practices in Manuscript and Print

335-[no p.]

Guyda Armstrong, The English Boccaccio: A History in Books (Karla Taylor)

336-[no p.]

Madeleine Jeay, Poétique de la nomination dans la lyrique médiévale: ‘Mult volentiers me numerai’ (Mathias Sieffert)

 (Mathias Sieffert)
337-[no p.]

Patrick Moran, Lectures cycliques: Le réseau inter-romanesque dans le cycles du Graal du XIIIe siècle (Nicola Morato)

 (Nicola Morato)
339-[no p.]

Noémie Chardonnens, L’Autre du même: emprunts et répétitions dans le Roman de Perceforest (Anne Berthelot)

 (Anne Berthelot)
341-[no p.]

Catalina Girbea, Le Bon Sarrasin dans le roman médiéval (1100–1225) (Sylvia Huot)

342-[no p.]

Silvère Ménégaldo, Le Dernier Ménestrel? Jean de Le Mote, une poétique en transition (autour de 1340)

 (Jane H.M. Taylor)
343-[no p.]

Olivier Delsaux, Manuscrits et pratiques autographes chez les écrivains français de la fin du Moyen Âge: l’exemple de Christine de Pizan (Tracy Adams)

344-[no p.]

Tracy Adams, Christine de Pizan and the Fight for France

 (Angus J. Kennedy)
346-[no p.]

Nick Havely, Dante’s British Publics: Readers and Texts, from the Fourteenth Century to the Present (Kenneth Clarke)

347-[no p.]

Orlanda S. H. Lie, Martine Meuwese, Mark Aussems, and Hermina Joldersma, Christine de Pizan in Bruges: Le Livre de la Cité des Dames as Het Bouc van de Stede der Vrauwen (London, British Library, Add. 20698)

 (Nigel Palmer)
349-[no p.]

Anna Zayaruznaya, The Monstrous New Art: Divided Forms in the Late Medieval Motet (Matthew Thomson)

 (Matthew Thomson)
351-[no p.]

Allen J. Frantzen, Food, Eating and Identity in Early Medieval England

 (Peter Brears)
352-[no p.]

Constance Brittain Bouchard, Rewriting Saints and Ancestors: Memory and Forgetting in France 500–1200 (Paul Fouracre)

354-[no p.]

Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims: A Medieval Woman Between Demons and Saints (Nadia Margolis)

 (Nadia Margolis)
355-[no p.]

Stephani de Borbone Tractatus de diversis materiis praedicabilibus. Secunda pars De dono pietatis, ed. Jacques Berlioz, Denise Ogilvie-David, and †Colette Ribaucourt

357-[no p.]
M. Cecilia Gaposchkin, Blessed Louis: The Most Glorious of Kings. Texts Relating to the Cult of Saint Louis of France, translations with Phyllis B. Katz  (N.F.P.)
357-[no p.]
Sunday Observance and the Sunday Letter in Anglo-Saxon England, ed. Dorothy Haines (Daniel Anlezark)
358-[no p.]
The Old English Metrical Calendar (Menologium), ed. Kazutomo Karasawa
358-[no p.]
On Famous Women: The Middle English Translation of Boccaccio’s De mulieribus claris, Edited from London, British Library, MS Additional 10304, ed. Janet Cowen
359-[no p.]
Guy Points, The Combined Anglo-Saxon Chronicles: A Ready-Reference Abridged Chronology
359-[no p.]
Joanna Bellis, John Page’s The Siege of Rouen: Edited from London, British Library MS Egerton 1995
359-[no p.]
A Middle English Medical Remedy Book: Edited from Glasgow University Library MS Hunter 185, ed. Francisco Alonso Almeida
360-[no p.]
Le Donei des amanz, ed. †Anthony J. Holden (Huw Grange)
360-[no p.]
William Caxton, The Booke of Ovyde Named Methamorphose, ed. Richard J. Moll
360-[no p.]
La Chanson de la Premiere Croisade en ancien francais d’apres Baudri de Bourgeuil: édition et analyse lexicale, ed. Jennifer Gabel de Aguirre (Melissa Berrill)
361-[no p.]
Les Eschéz d’Amours: A Critical Edition of the Poem and its Latin Glosses, ed. Gregory Heyworth and Daniel E. O’Sullivan  (S.H.)
361-[no p.]
Konrad von Würzburg, ‘Trojanerkrieg‘ und die anonym überlieferte Fortsetzung, critical edition by Heinz Thoelen and Bianca Häberlein  (N.F.P.)
362-[no p.]
Shorter Notices

Shorter Notices

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