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SERGEY IVANOV and SVETLANA KLEYNER, The English versions of the Friday legend: three and twelve 189-212
DANIEL MCCANN, Words of fire and fruit: the psychology of prayer words in the Cloud of Unknowing 213-230
ALLAN F. WESTPHALL, On not melting into tears: managing meditative reading in Michigan State University Library, MS 1 and Cambridge, Magdalene College, MS Pepys 2125 231-257
JAKE WALSH MORRISSEY, ‘To al indifferent’: the virtues of Lydgate’s ‘Dietary’ 258-278
IVANA DJORDJEVIĆ, Les Pruesses Gui: summarizing Gui de Warewic in London, College of Arms, MS Arundel 27 279-296
BRENT A. PITTS, La Terre des Sarazins: the summary version 297-325

66 Manucripts from the Arnamagnæan Collection, ed. Matthew James Driscol and Svanhildur Óskarsdóttir

326-[no p.]

Barbara Newman, Medieval Crossover: Reading the Secular against the Sacred

 (Blake Gutt)
327-[no p.]

Virginie Greene, Logical Fictions in Medieval Literature and Philosophy (Brian J. Reilly)

 (Brian J. Reilly)
328-[no p.]

J. Allan Mitchell, Becoming Human: The Matter of the Medieval Child (Jacqueline Tasioulas)

 (Jacqueline Tasioulas)
330-[no p.]

Mathew Kuefler, The Making and Unmaking of a Saint: Hagiography and Memory in the
Cult of Gerald of Aurillac (Anne Mouron)

 (Anne Mouron)
331-[no p.]

Kristina Perez, The Myth of Morgan La Fey

332-[no p.]

Kim M. Phillips, Before Orientalism: Asian Peoples and Cultures in European Travel Writing, 1245–1510 (Aisling Byrne)

333-[no p.]

Jonathan Hsy, Trading Tongues, Merchants, Multilingualism, and Medieval Literature (Anthony Bale)

 (Anthony Bale)
335-[no p.]

Alex Mueller, Translating Troy: Provincial Politics in Alliterative Romance (Thorlac Turville-Petre)

336-[no p.]

Wolfgang Riehle, The Secret Within: Hermits, Recluses, and Spiritual Outsiders in Medieval England (Marleen Cré)

 (Marleen Cré)
337-[no p.]

Claire Sponsler, The Queen’s Dumbshows: John Lydgate and the Making of Early Theater (Mark Chambers)

 (Mark Chambers)
338-[no p.]

Karen Elaine Smyth, Imaginings of Time in Lydgate and Hoccleve’s Verse (Sebastian J. Langdell)

340-[no p.]

Miriam Edlich-Muth, Malory and his European Contemporaries: Adapting Late Arthurian Romance Collections (Raluca Radulescu)

341-[no p.]

Julie A. Chappell, Perilous Passages: The Book of Margery Kempe, 1534–1934 (Liz Herbert McAvoy)

 (Liz Herbert McAvoy)
342-[no p.]

William Calin, The Lily and the Thistle: The French Tradition and the Older Literature of Scotland – Essays in Criticism (Nicola Royan)

344-[no p.]

Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr, Wayfaring Strangers: The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia

345-[no p.]

Sarah Kay, Parrots and Nightingales: Troubadour Quotations and the Development of European Poetry (Bill Burgwinkle)

346-[no p.]

Megan Moore, Exchanges in Exoticism: Cross-Cultural Marriage and the Making of the Mediterranean in  Old French Romance (S.H)

347-[no p.]

Gabriella I. Baika, The Rose and Geryon: The Poetics of Fraud and Violence in Jean de Meun and Dante

348-[no p.]

J. M. Moreau, Eschatological Subjects: Divine and Literary Judgment in Fourteenth-Century French Poetry (Marco Nievergelt)

350-[no p.]

Meritxell Simó, Jaume Massó i Torrents: ‘La cançó provençal en la literatura catalana’ cent anys després (Rosanna Cantavella)

351-[no p.]

Alastair Matthews, The Kaiserchronik: A Medieval Narrative (Christoph Pretzer)

 (Christoph Pretzer)
352-[no p.]

Benvenutus Grassus’ On the Well-Proven Art of the Eye: ‘Practica oculorum’ & ‘De probatissima arte oculorum’. Synoptic Edition and Philological Studies, ed. Antonio Miranda-García and Santiago González Fernández-Corugedo

354-[no p.]

The Dialogue of Solomon and Marcolf: A Dual-Language Edition from Latin and Middle English Printed Editions, ed. Nancy Mason Bradbury and Scott Bradbury

354-[no p.]

The Middle English Version of ‘De viribus herbarum’ (GUL MS Hunter 497, ff. 1r–92r): Edition and Philological Study, ed. Javier Calle-Martín and Antonio Miranda-García

354-[no p.]

A. N. Doane, Genesis A: A New Edition, Revised (Megan Cavell)

 (Megan Cavell)
354-[no p.]

The Poems of the Pearl Manuscript in Modern English Prose Translation: Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, ed. Malcolm Andrew and Ronald Waldron

355-[no p.]

Geoffrey Chaucer, The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale: The Canterbury Tales, Volume II, Parts 5A and 5B, ed. Mark Allen and John H. Fisher, with the assistance of Joseph Trahern

355-[no p.]

Lybeaus Desconus, ed. Eve Salisbury and James Weldon

356-[no p.]

Speculum inclusorum/A Mirror for Recluses: A Late-Medieval Guide for Anchorites and its Middle English Translation, ed. E. A. Jones (Denis Renevey)

356-[no p.]

The Middle English Liber Aureus and Gospel of Nicodemus: Edited from London, British Library, MS Egerton 2658, ed. William Marx

357-[no p.]

System of Physic (GUL MS Hunter 509, ff. 1r-167v): A Compendium of Mediaeval Medicine Including the Middle English Gilbertus Anglicus, ed. Laura Esteban-Segura

357-[no p.]

Perceforest: Sixième partie, ed. Gilles Roussineau

357-[no p.]

Guillaume de Digulleville: Le Dit de la Fleur de Lis, ed. Fréderic Duval (Marco Nievergelt)

358-[no p.]

Englynion y Beddau: The Stanzas of the Graves. Verses on the Legendary Heroes of Wales from the Black Book of Carmarthen, ed. and trans. John K. Bollard, photographs by Anthony Griffiths

358-[no p.]
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