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Humanism in Fifteenth-Century Europe

This volume brings together a series of scholars to provide a stimulating overview of Italian Renaissance humanism across Europe in the fifteenth century. The ten chapters cover Italy (Stephen Milner), Greeks and Renaissance Humanism (John Monfasani), the German-speaking lands (John L. Flood), Poland (Jacqueline Glomski), Hungary (Cristina Neagu), Castile (Jeremy Lawrance), France (Craig Taylor), Scotland (Thomas Rutledge), England (Daniel Wakelin) and close with a thematic discussion of the 'Structures of Contacts' (David Rundle; this chapter is available for download). In addition, there is a Biographical Appendix of the quattrocento Italian humanists discussed in the volume (by Oren Margolis and David Rundle). This monograph will be essential reading for both students and scholars of the intellectual cultures of the later Middle Ages.


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