Ditié de Jehanne d'Arc: Christine de Pisan

As the first poem to have been composed on Joan of Arc, the only major one to have been written while Joan was still alive, and the last from the pen of Christine de Pizan, the Ditié de Jehanne d’Arc has unique claims to fame. This edition is based on the Berne text (reproduced photographically in full), with variants from the Carpentras and Grenoble manuscripts. The critical apparatus includes an introduction, a table of events providing the historical background, a translation of the poem into Modern English prose, variants and rejected readings, notes, bibliography, glossary and list of proper names.


“… a paragon of convenience and scholarship. Specialists in fifteenth-century literature and history alike can rejoice …’. Nathaniel B. Smith, Review, Speculum, 54.3 (1979), 559.

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