Inaccessibility and Bias

Panelists: Inaccessibility and Bias Presenters
Miri Rubin (Queen Mary University of London)
Maja Kominko (Arcadia Fund)
Columba Stewart (Hill Museum and Manuscript Library)
Cornelis van Lit
Chair: Michael G. Sargent

Presentations in this Panel

Medieval Graffiti
Speaker: Matthew Champion (Norfolk Graffiti Survey) @mjc_associates
Digitalization and Practicalities of Medieval English Studies in China
Speaker: Yating Zhang (Shaanxi Normal University)
Inaccessible and Inconvenient Archives at the Turn of the Century
Speaker: Genevieve McNutt (Edinburgh University)
Book Ciphers and the Medieval Unreadable
Speaker: Anna Dorofeeva (Durham University) @LitteraCarolina
The Dark Archive and the Silent Book: histories of access
Speaker: Stacie Vos (University of San Diego) @stacvos