The Future of Scholarship

Panelists: Damon Wischik (University of Cambridge)
Justin Stover (University of Oxford)
Jane Taylor (Durham University)
Elaine Treharne (Stanford)
Mike Kestemont (Antwerp University)
Future of Scholarship Presenters
Chair: Peter Frankopan (University of Oxford) @peterfrankopan

Presentations in this Panel

From the Library of Babel to Arcologies of Information
Speaker: Michael G. Sargent (City University of New York)
Medieval Digital Visionary Women: editing the wiki ‘Catalogue of Living Saints’
Speakers: Rebeca Sanmartin Bastida (Complutense University of Madrid)
Pablo Acosta-García (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf) @PabloAcostaGarc
Using Semantic Textual Encoding to Support the Navigation and Analysis of Medieval Texts
Zoe Bartliff (University of Glasgow) @ZBartliff
Crowdsourcing in a Time of Data Protection and Covid-19: the case study of Crowdmap-the-Crusades
Speaker: Emma Goodwin (University of Oxford) @dhAHRC
The Changing Paradigms of the Digital Production and Communication of Medieval Scholarship: some reflections on openness
Speaker: Ulrike Wuttke (University of Applied Sciences Potsdam) @UWuttke