Old English Bede

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PETER ORTON Sticks or stones? The story of Imma in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 41 of the Old English Bede, and Old English tān (‘twig’) 72.1 (2003), 1-12 DOI:10.2307/43630630
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Christine Wallis Unpublished dry-point annotations in a manuscript of the Old English Bede: Oxford, Corpus Christi College 279B 85.1 (2016), 15- DOI:10.2307/26396468
Mark Faulkner

The Old English Bede: a new source for the F-version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

90.2 (2021), 217-
Janet M. Bately The Old English Bede, by Dorothy Whitelock 34.1 (1965), 43-46 DOI:10.2307/43627141
R. Bruce Mitchell The B Text of the Old English Bede: a Linguistic Commentary, by Raymond J. S. Grant 59.2 (1990), 296-297 DOI:10.2307/43629341
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