Blast from the Past and Back to the Future: manuscripts and digitisation

Speakers: Luise Morawetz (SAW Leipzig) @LuiseMorawetz
Natascha Domeisen (University of Oxford) @NDomeisen
Carolin Gluchowski (Fribourg)
Lena Vosding (University of Oxford)

The presentation discusses the benefits of going from the original to the digitised object and back, taking the use of digitised objects a step further and shining light on the general use of digitised objects, via four case studies.

1 Die Heidin and the Henfflin Workshop: UB Heidelberg, cod. pal. ger. 353 (Natascha Domeisen). [ ]

2 Old High German Stylus Glosses: Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Clm 6293 and Clm 21525 (Luise Morawetz) [ ]

3 The Medingen Manuscripts and their Materiality: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Don. e. 248 (Carolin Gluchowski) [ ]

4 Empty Pages and Materiality in the Lüne Letters: Kloster Lüne, Klosterarchiv, Hs 15, Hs 30, Hs 31 [ (Dr Lena Vosding) ]

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