The Whole Book?

Chair: Lisa Fagin Davis (Medieval Academy of America)

Presentations in this Panel

Beyond the Veil: manuscript curtains and the reading experience, medieval and modern
Speaker: Henry Ravenhall (King's College London) @HenryRavenhall
Let there be Light: The holy digitised artefact
Speaker: Keri Thomas @keri_thomas
Reading the Invisible: can biocodicology help interpret the history of a manuscript?
Speaker: Sarah Fiddyment (Cambridge University) @DrSFiddyment
Reading the Unread: parchment damage in a fifteenth century Netherlandish prayer book
Speaker: Sophie Clayton (University of Leeds) @sophieclayton97
How Much of a Manuscript is a Digitized Manuscript?
Speaker: Cornelis van Lit (Utrecht University) @LWCvL
The Book, The Whole Book, and Nothing But the... Digital Surrogate
Speaker: Stewart Brookes (University of Oxford) @stewart_brookes
Blast from the Past and Back to the Future: manuscripts and digitisation
Speakers: Luise Morawetz (SAW Leipzig) @LuiseMorawetz
Natascha Domeisen (University of Oxford) @NDomeisen
Carolin Gluchowski (Fribourg)
Lena Vosding (University of Oxford)
Found Within: discovery and complex objects
Speaker: Benjamin L. Albritton (Stanford) @bla222
How to Read the Unreadable? Non-Invasive digitization of cultural heritage
Speakers: Vincent Christlein (Friedrich-Alexander University) @v_christlein
Daniel Stromer (Friedrich-Alexander University) @daniel_stromer
Rethinking the abbreviation: questions and challenges of machine reading medieval scripta
Speakers: Estelle Guéville (Louvre Abu Dhabi)
David Joseph Wrisley (NYU Abu Dhabi) @DJWrisley