In addition to its own events, the Society regularly sponsors over a dozen other conferences each year. If you are a Society member, you can apply for conference funding here

Conference Calendar

St Cross Building, Manor Road, Oxford
Tue, 10 Sep to Thu, 12 Sep

The Influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages

Thu, 10 Sep to Sat, 12 Sep

Telling Tales: Manuscripts Books and the Making of Narrative

Thu, 2 Jul to Sun, 5 Jul

Looking back with Auerbach: A Convivial Celebration of Dante’s 750th Birthday

Fri, 5 Jun

The Medieval and Early Modern Garden: Enclosure and Transformation

Thu, 4 Jun to Fri, 5 Jun

Image in Medieval Studies

Fri, 29 May

Colour: the 2015 Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

Fri, 17 Apr to Sat, 18 Apr
Mon, 13 Apr to Tue, 14 Apr

Gender in Medieval Studies

Fri, 10 Apr

Animal in Medieval Studies

Fri, 27 Mar
Sat, 21 Mar to Sun, 22 Mar
Wed, 11 Mar

Stephen Langton's Theological Questions and MS Cambridge, St John's College, C7 (57)

Fri, 6 Feb
Sat, 18 Oct to Mon, 20 Oct
Fri, 18 Jul to Sun, 20 Jul
Fri, 6 Jun to Sat, 7 Jun
Thu, 5 Jun to Sun, 8 Jun
Fri, 30 May to Sat, 31 May
Thu, 29 May to Sat, 31 May
Sat, 17 May
Fri, 16 May to Sat, 17 May