In addition to its own events, the Society regularly sponsors over a dozen other conferences each year. If you are a Society member, you can apply for conference funding here

Events Calendar

Symposia Iranica: 1st Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies

April 13, 2013 University of St. Andrews

Grammatica and the Celtic Vernaculars in the Medieval World

April 11, 2013 Christ Church College

Sleep: Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

April 11, 2013

Skill: The 2013 Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

April 4, 2013 Ioannou Centre

London Anglo-Saxon Symposium

March 13, 2013 Senate House, London

Exegesis: from East to West

February 16, 2013 Heythrop College, London

The Mediterranean City: Space / Religion / Connectivity

November 24, 2012 Institute of Medieval Studies, University of St Andrews

The Italian Renaissance State?

November 3, 2012 University of Oxford

Transmission, Translation and Dissemination in the European Middle Ages, 1000 – 1500

September 28, 2012 University College Cork

Summer School in Old and Medieval French

September 24, 2012 Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies, Ghent

Palaeography Workshop

September 10, 2012 University College Cork

Annual Conference of the British Branch of the International Arthurian Society

September 3, 2012

19th International Congress of the Société Rencesvals

August 13, 2012 Wadham College

There and Back Again: Writing Spaces, Mapping Places in the Medieval World

June 22, 2012 Queen's College

Care and Cure: Diseases, Disabilities and Therapies in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

June 14, 2012 Swansea University

The Ends of Story-telling

May 19, 2012 University of Durham

Old English Gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels

April 17, 2012 University of Westminster

Meat: The 2012 Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

April 13, 2012

Romance in Medieval Britain

March 24, 2012 University of Oxford

London Anglo-Saxon Symposium 2012

March 21, 2012 School of Advanced Study, Senate House, University of London

Medievalists and Classicists in Conversation: Epic

March 10, 2012 Corpus Christi College

Bibles: Reading Scripture from Medieval to Early Modern

October 15, 2011 Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, University of Liverpool

Contextualizing Miracles in the Christian West

April 16, 2011 Wolfson College, Cambridge

Estate and Precedence: The Form and Function of Beds in Medieval Households

April 12, 2011 Oakeshott Room, Lincoln College, Oxford

The Medieval Library

November 6, 2010 Durham Castle


A detail from the tomb of Giovanni da Legnano (d. 1383), Museo civico medievale, Bologna.