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Events Calendar

Language and National Identity in the British Isles 1100-1400

February 22, 1997 University College

Byrhtferth and his Books

February 24, 1996 Magdalen College

On Recognising and Failing to Recognise Signals to Irony and Fiction in Court Literature

February 25, 1995 Summer Common Room, Magdalen College

Editing Medieval Lyric Poetry: Marcabru's D'aisso lau Dieu

February 26, 1994 St. John's College

Images and Audience: Piers Plowman and Wallpainting

March 6, 1993 Lady Margaret Hall

Blossoming Garden & Circling Melody: a reading of Paradiso XXIII

February 19, 1992 Lady Margaret Hall

Excommunication and Conscience in the Middle Ages

February 16, 1991 Lady Margaret Hall

The Owl and the Nightingale

February 24, 1990 Lady Margaret Hall

The Individual Voice in Medieval Spanish Prose

March 11, 1989 St. Hilda's College

Anglo-Norman Medicine

March 5, 1988 St. Hilda's College

Justice and Judgement at the Court of King Arthur: The Trial of Guinevere

March 14, 1987 St. Hilda's College

Towards a History of Medieval Theory and Criticism

March 15, 1986 Lady Margaret Hall

Literal and Metaphorical in the Bible

March 9, 1985 Lady Margaret Hall

Thomas More and the Visual Arts

March 3, 1984 Lady Margaret Hall

God's Amnesty: Hartmann's Gregorius and the Vie du Pape Saint Gregoire

March 5, 1983 Lady Margaret Hall

The Writings of Marguerite Porete

March 13, 1982

Tribute to Professor Jack Bennett

March 14, 1981

The Bamberg MSS of c.1000AD and the God of the World

March 15, 1980

William Marshall and Arthur of Britanny: A Detective Story

March 17, 1979 Merton College

Fourteenth-century Theology. Piers Plowman and some Radical Franciscans

March 11, 1978 Merton College

By Hylle and by Vale in the Gawain Country

March 12, 1977 Merton College

The Countesses of Gloucester and the status of women in Norman and Angevin England

March 13, 1976 Merton College

Petrarch and Monasticism

March 15, 1975 Merton College

The Right to Emend

March 16, 1974 Merton College

Allegory in the Divina Commedia: the Epistle to Cangrande

March 17, 1973 St. Peter's College


A detail from the tomb of Giovanni da Legnano (d. 1383), Museo civico medievale, Bologna.